New primer Guerlain L’essentiel Primer Spring 2020: the first information

In the spring collection Guerlain Spring 2020 will be a new primer Primer L’essentiel. It extends the line L’essentiel, which at the moment only Foundation, released last year. And just as that Foundation, the new primer L’essentiel contains 97% natural ingredients. There are no silicones, oils, alcohol. The product has a light, as an essence, a texture that is comfortable to the skin and does not cause irritation, and instead of “filling” the pores with silicone, natural ingredients tightens pores and control sebum balance. New primer that instantly makes your skin more beautiful. Despite its green color, it has no pigments to correct such color give natural ingredients, and when distributing on the skin the primer becomes transparent. In Japan, the new primer will go on sale February 1, 2020release date in Russia is still unknown.

Photo: 25ans_beauty

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