New release TOM FORD “Holiday 2018-2019 Eye Quads” part 2: 26 Leopard Sun Eyeshadow Quad

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Continue the theme of new products from a favorite brand, launched in the previous review. Show warm four shadows with the beautiful name Leopard Sun. If it works with them leopard sun — see below.

Not a very typical selection of colors for Tom Ford. I have long wanted something Orangeville from the Suite. And the palette looks very attractive. In General, I liked it more than the others, and I have desired in the first place.

It also includes three satin shades and one glitter.

Shows refile at different angles.

In this palette glitter without surprises. No duochrome.

Also pay attention that in the palette there are no truly dark shade. Available brown on the depth varies from reddish is that of a semitone. So these shadows are definitely not for the Femme Fatale.

Glitter pale Golden color, translucent pale beige basis, creamy. Well tolerated, i.e. the quality of it is excellent. But it upset me a little bit. I would like something special. Gold glitters are a dime a dozen. Well, this pale gold I have, but still would like some kind of magic. But it is not. All very straightforward and simple. However, glitter is applied to the shade without problems. In the first makeup below, I used it on the entire mobile eyelid over orange, and the second caused by the feathered arrow in pencil on the upper and lower lids, a gold eyeliner.

Brick red with brown undertone and satin. Very beautiful shade that does not effect the patient’s sight, and yet shows the beauty of the red hue. It definitely has shimmer, as seen pink tide, but it is so small that I cannot see him.

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Yellow-orange satin with a silver shimmer, same small as in the previous shade. This shimmer makes the shade more bright and glowing that the eyes he’s more yellow.

Warm brown with gold shimmer, which is visualized in refile and Swatch. Beautiful, very nice and cozy shade, but obviously not particularly obscure.

All satin shadows are very soft, expected beautifully become flustered, well layered and mixed. Have a very beautiful overflow and creamy. The resistance to victory. Enjoy them very nice and comfortable. Glitter smooth, elongated, and rests on the place where it’s done without additional funds. Well captured, and the finger, and brush.

Making a Swatch I have a feeling that I bought a replay. Not so long ago, Dior came out great limited palette 002 Coral gradation is unusual for the brand posted by refile. So I of course compared them.

Compared with the Dior palette 002 Coral gradation is

The shades and texture is quite different, although the concept is similar.

Offer to watch the shadows in the looks. For the review, I had to test two, but the options for expression, of course more.

Makeover No. 1:

In a General way:

Makeover No. 2:

In a General way:

Volume: 9 g

Production: Italy

Price: 88 $, I got for 4100 rubles

Rating: 5- (glitter, with such a yellow-orange shade, it would be worthwhile to add a more expressive palette glitter).

Very interesting, in my opinion the autumn and, despite the fact that it is not mega bright, I’m not sure what is suitable for everyday make-up. Still, this range in any will to attract attention. Also due to the lack of dark shadows, you’ll need eyeliner or pencil, without which the makeup does not look completed. I suppose that if you put brown over the entire lid, then you can do without eyeliner.

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