New Smashbox makeup collection x The Hoodwitch Makeup Collection Spring 2019: the first information

At Smashbox overlooks a beautiful makeup collection together with an astrologer and tarragon The Hoodwitch. The collection includes:

— Primer-spray x Hoodwitch The Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Crystalized Water with 3 flavors:

  • Love Ritual — with the scent of Jasmine;
  • Aura Shield — mint flavor;
  • Crystalc Clabity — with the scent of lavender;

— Reticulation eyeshadow Smashbox x The Hoodwitch Crystalized Cover Shot Eye Palette;

— Lip gloss Smashbox x The Hoodwitch Crystalized Lip Gloss (3 shades);

— Liquid highlighter Smashbox x The Hoodwitch Shimmer Crystalized Drops;

— Highlighter Smashbox x The Hoodwitch Сrystalized Highlighter (2 shades);

— Liquid cream shadow Smashbox x The Hoodwitch Crystalized Always On Liquid Eye Shadows (5 shades).

International sales will start on March 4, 2019 More details will be later.

Photo: millyalmodovar

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