New this summer, Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina

I love purple! And that’s when he became a color of the year according to Pantone, my Shopaholic mentally rubbing ruchenki and sincerely sympathize purse. Because soon will be many, many fioletovka of palettes of shadows.

One of the most anticipated was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina.

I really like the quality Anastasia Beverly Hills, which is clearly evident by the collection of charts gathered at home)))

But let’s move on to the culprit of opinion.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina was created and dedicated to the daughter of the founder of the brand.

She Nervine, which by the way now runs the company Anastasia Beverly Hills, admitted that she loves purple in all its manifestations, therefore, tried to choose shades of that color played every shopper. The palette also has a bronze, gold, more relaxed matte shades.

On July 17 I started to sell on official website, 24 July started selling in stores Sephora and Ulta. I ordered it on 17 July, 21 July, she arrived at the warehouse proxy and 26th to me in Kiev.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina dressed in a traditional and familiar to us velvet suit. This time purple-lavender. It’s certainly nice, but for example with a Modern Renessance can say that the coating is very easily soiled and difficult to clean. So this beauty will only continue if sooooo careful handling.


It was perhaps the most important question to the palette. What will it be like Modern Renessance or as a Subculture? I like both formulas, but it is worth noting that the shadows are more like something between a Modern Renessance (matte) and Prizme (himernye foil).

Seen a few reviews where complaining about the dustiness, but… I can say that it is the same as Renessance or Soft Glam, no more. But the shimmer is very soft and pliable, even after a week of use there is a visible deepening.

Each refile on0,71 grams

The kit includes sided brush

The PRICE is 42 $


At first glance, the palette seems really purple that will suit not all, but enough to cover 2 shades — CELESTIAL SOUL and how it will change in a completely basic and casual, while not devoid of raisins.

DREAMER shimmery beige, very loose, he is best suited for podsvechivaya the inner corner, but it is worth noting that it is too bright and shiny.

SUMMER cool shiny bronze, like aged copper, foil

WILD CHILD ukrany cool pink, my favorite! it is gorgeous. Really shimmers depending on the lighting, the play of light. I loved to combine it with a CELESTIAL — turns out tender, bright and very unusual makeup

Cool ROSE GOLD rose gold, but this is some admixture of bronze, which allows it to combine with both cold and warm shades

CELESTIAL slodowy ukrany purple

DAZZLING shimmery bronze

DRAMA shimmery deep eggplant

It is worth noting that the shimmer is well-typed and transferred to the skin only synthetic dense brush, fingers or sponge. Personally I liked the sponge. These shadows, the texture is very soft, oily, polukarova, something between Colorpop and l’oreal Infalible.

Go to the matte, though matte is very relative, as there are shades which are a little satin. This overflow is practically invisible on the skin but very easy to apply and shading.

BASE matte neutral eggshell. I do not understand why he is like that. Because fair-skinned girls he dark as a base color to the entire eyelid, for the red… well, too questionable

SOUL matte bluish-lavender

INCENSE matte brown is great for crease, with LOVE they make a great Duo cold-warm for any makeup

LOVE matte cool pink

VOLATILE matte grayish purple, to dusky folds it, use it to deepen the color

ECCENTRIC matte ochre

PASSION matte reddish-brown mixed with violet

In General I have no special claims to the arrangement of the palette, except that I personally do not have enough matte color powder and more calm and cool Simeonovo shade of champagne. But this is my personal preference. And it is easily solved dozens of shadows from the beauticians. Also I think a little purple to me))

Overall my Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina liked, the quality is excellent, krasivennye duochrome, there is a database for every day. The price is affordable and justified. Each refile only 0.7 grams, which is encouraging in the use of the palette to the end)))

And now a couple of looks:

All make-UPS were made on non-sticky base. The shadows are perfectly tolerated on the skin. The only thing that foil tone is not going to matte. Between them needs to be the base. It happens often enough. Just features textures.

Suggest Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina to purchase)

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