New! Unique moisturizing jelly Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly

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Unique moisturizing jelly Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly.

Available in two volumes: 50 and 125 ml. Made in Belgium.

Brand never cease to please us with novelties care. Today is the turn of the story about the moisturising jelly for the face.

I’m doubly interested to try this product: firstly, it did not take anything from the care brand, and secondly, I wanted a reality check to not let moisture for 24 hours, even for a day, a jelly light texture.

According to tradition starts with the design:

cute tube with a silver lid, totally transparent, allows you to control the consumption of resources, which economical can not be called.

The texture of the product is the lightest jelly flavor no.

All over the face is enough for me approximately the same portions as in the photo, but all the time I want to do more, it seems that the jelly will be absorbed, and the skin will be begging for more. But no, she is not asking, it tightens, my combination skin enough moisture. Jelly is absorbed about five minutes, leaving skin fresh, hydrated and most importantly, not sticky!

As a base under makeup tool goes with a Bang, Foundation, powder on it fit perfectly, not conflict with a texture. And what they to interfere? After soaking the jelly you get hydrated skin without feeling the presence of cream on the face. Pure bliss!

In General, the product I have causes only positive emotions, a claim I have only one: where were you at the beginning of summer, why let you out now!?

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Jelly like most owners of a Combi oily skin. Perhaps the owners of dry skin, but not in the season of low temperatures. I will continue to use it in the winter at night after anti-aging serum. I think it’ll be fine and will not overload the skin.

Jelly is aimed at moisturizing and it works great! Nourish the skin with moisture, remove the wrinkles from the dryness of his power, but more from it do not wait.

Product composition: hyaluronic acid, Clean Shield technology, which includes sunflower seed, barley extract and cucumber.

Rating: 5.

Testing period: 14 times.

Price: 2000 RUB. on the

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