New year smoky eyes. Step-by-step lesson

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New year is around the corner, and now is the time to consider your festive way. Suggest you look at one of the options most of the evening makeup “Smokey eyes”.

In creating the makeup I needed:

  • Base for eye shadow Catrice Prime and fine eyeshadow base
  • Palette Sleek I-Divine Vintage Romance eyeshadow palette mineral
  • Eyeliner Catrice Made To Stay Inside Eye Khol Kajal in shade 01 Black
  • Mascara Vivienne Sabo Cabaret Premiere in shade 01
  • The mineral Cosmetic pigment KM in the shade of a storm at Sea P029
  • To start, draw eyebrows and put on the lid base for shadows — my favorite Catrice Prime and fine, which does not change for two years.

    On the crease of the upper eyelid shade shade Propose in Prague from the Sleek Vintage Romance palette.

    Now is the time for pencil — apply it all over mobile eyelid. Try to do it neater, but if you accidentally went beyond the intended boundary, nothing to worry about. Feathering will fix it.

    Shade pencil with a soft brush. Try to shade not chaotic movements, and how to stretch the pigment, so that the transition happened as seamless as possible.

    During the shading part of the pigment is “lost” and the coating is not perfectly tight, so “Apple” of my eye, I apply the black shade Love in London from the palette of the Sleek Vintage Romance eye shadow, and carefully shade it in.

    Now apply the pencil on the lower eyelid and shaded the same way.

    Since the makeup is bright, I would even say aggressive, it’s a mascara that will “draw” lush lashes, otherwise they just get lost on a black background.

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    To add the the Christmas mood, I struck mineral pigment Cosmetic P029 KM storm at Sea.

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