New year to us rushes, than to please your girlfriend? Lip butter Heathcote&Ivory Vintage lip butter&Co

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Hello, girls! On the eve of the New year in the shops of the city begins to appear more and more kinds of cute gifts, mostly they are all similar and similar. And meet something really sweet and interesting, that’s rare. And if there is this really cute not so expensive, then consider yourself lucky enough.

Lip butter Heathcote&Ivory Vintage lip butter&Co.

So here I was unexpectedly lucky. Brand Нeathcote&Ivory I do not know, but the products that it produces — adorable! It’s all kinds of little outfits for the care of skin, body, lip balms. And all this in the cutest packaging on the vintage.

Information about the brand in the Russian language is almost there. But I realized that my copy belongs to the special collection, released in time for Christmas. Was, by the way, very cute naborchiki for 3 of the balm in General, this is a must see, I wanted to take everything!

But let me tell you more about my balm. I bought it, I confess, as a gift. But, uh, we are girls, these girls! Could not resist and opened, well, then you know????☺ app. But will definitely purchase again.

A cardboard box in the shape of the bag, there is even a handle (can be hung on the Christmas tree), Board quality and all so pleasant.

When not help you open the package, you find no less lovely with a bottle of oil.

Well, then that’s the beauty: plastic šajbočka with a sticker on the lid, a replica of the picture on the box.

Šajbočka thick enough, because the product has not regretted — as much as 20 gr. Made of high quality plastic, the lid twisted off without any problems, but with a little pressure, all safe.

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Unscrew the lid and immediately what catches the eye, or rather embedded in our sense of smell is clear the scent of cinnamon, this Christmas cinnamon. When applying product to the lips, he also felt on the lips but fades very quickly, the taste has not.

The oil itself, although I have to say, the oil can be called very conditional — the usual thick, quite thick gel, will have to be removed by hand. Unhygienic, Yes.

Color the product is, the oil is transparent.

Applied to the lips easily, feels sticky, but comfortable. Loose hair, I think this product is not compatible. Envelops lips film, protects against wind, snow. The severe frosts we have not seen. As for the skin properties, there are almost none. I think the function of this means protection from adverse weather conditions. On dry lips, no positive effect is not produced, but does not dry further. I use it when walking the dog at such moments I do not use color means I’m all about protection. I get it.

Durability — if to talk, then a maximum of an hour, if not then half.

The consumption is very economical.

Composition.On the lips, daylight by the window.

Testing period: week 2-3 times a day.

Price: 750 RUB.

Rating: 5

Summing up:

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