New year’s manicure with Dior’s Diorific Vernis # 779 Precious

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The holidays are rapidly coming to an end, here and the Old New Year came????. And what New Year without Dior Diorific Vernis in holiday-bellied bottles. I represent to your attention of Dior Diorific Vernis # 779 Precious.

This is a Polish from an old collection, two years ago — one of the most successful collections)) Just when it was released five polishes: #001 top mica, #328 Golden, #779 Precious, #850 Splendor and #889 Cosmic. I have four of them, but top to buy was unreal, he disappeared from sale, and not having to appear????. A little regret that I did not get.

Don’t know about you, but I really love these bubbles-puzatiki similar to Christmas balls. I sincerely would be glad if the brand will continue to release their Christmas polishes in this format.

The nail Polish I think is the most beautiful in this collection, and I don’t know why he is one long and sad collecting dust in the online store IDB, and even with a good discount. Underrated was this nail Polish, I think so. Way, to buy have reviewed a lot of swatches, and many called him red when he’s actually crimson like jam or preserves, the tone is very sweet and delicious!

I must tell you, it is quite hassle-free lacquer. The consistency of cream, but it is not dense, so the sense of “jam” is increasing. Fits great in any reasonable number of layers, which is very conducive to miracle brush and quick drying. In the midst of the Polish floats a silvery-lilac shimmer, and he here is the way, well and as differently, after all, the Lak-holidays)) To manicure it perfectly clear, but those sequins are absolutely not overload the perception, and the holiday feeling is only strengthened.

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Usually the Polish on the nails I put in two layers and covered with a drying. I wear an average of three days, and it’s pretty good durability to me.


When this Polish on my nails, the eyes for him and clings))) Still, after all the beauty of same! And how do you like it?

Volume of vial:12 ml.

Price: I got for 1000 rubles.

Country of origin: France.

The rating: 10 out of 10!

Thank you for your attention.



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