New YSL – mascara with false lash effect Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils The Curler

Good day!

Today’s post is dedicated to the new YSL — mascara with false lash effect Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils The Curler black

In appearance I can not say: I have a miniature, and it differs significantly from its full-sized. Full version, of course, looks great luxury after all.

The most important thing in these miniatures, I believe, is the ability to test the specific brush. The new YSL mascara she’s not quite familiar, although no longer a novelty – pink, curved arc, designed to provide bending. On the wide faces of the villi seem to be fluffy, although brush and silicone on the edges — small “teeth”. As I thought, the side with the bristles attached a larger volume, and no effect in a greater degree provides exactly the edge of the brush. Well, it’s a matter of personal convenience, I don’t know.

The consistency of the ink is rather dry, the brush is typed with no excess (well, at least in miniature) has a rich black color.

The most enjoyable and struck me in the moment: the scent. Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils, The Curler has a very nice subtle fragrance that I feel for about another 20 minutes after application.

But a pleasant perfume, as awesome as it was, after all, mascara is not important, so the effect. My lashes last great, but now that this was only a reminder:

  • excellent shade;
  • visibly tightens;
  • it gives a natural volume;
  • has good durability, no fading from the eyelashes;
  • does not leave lumps;
  • no flaking, and not smeared, but…
  • … alas, glues. Not to say very much, but still. A decent result can be achieved, combed eyelashes brush;
  • the promised effect of false eyelashes personally I don’t see it, though overall the result is fine with me;
  • if there is a desire to layer, then it must be done immediately, as ink dries quickly on the lashes.
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TOWearing right eyeLashes are additionally combed

Full version price: about 2000 rubles.

My verdict: 5 for bonding.

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