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What’s new?

  • Cosmeticly beautiful new reference, finally!
  • correctly counted all personal bests — check!
  • earned a spell checker in the editor of posts;
  • editor of posts finalized, there appeared a new compact blocks;
  • after the break, fully working mobile version of the editor posts;
  • the new button in the catalog — adding reviews, products and vote in the award Cosmetici: in the main directory, page feedback, tape reviews, and a custom menu.
  • under the cut you will vote on the theme of the following conferences ☝

Hi! Without preamble, straight to the point!

Describe in detail about the main changes..

New help

We are glad to this event! We have a single section help users to replace out of date reference, which let’s be honest no one has read. In new help a lot of necessary information in a compact shape and handy design. All the pages are completely responsive and work on mobile devices.

Help section is the place where you can find all necessary information for you. While reference filled with information in half, but it is already possible to use. I hope that soon we will complete the content of the section. Guides for writing photos and posts will also receive a new design and adaptation to mobile devices in the near future.

That can already be found in help:

  • rules Cosmeticly;
  • possible accounts of the author and the reader;
  • basic information about the posts (markers, labels, indicators and publications);
  • ways subscriptions to the posts and notices on the website;
  • all details about the bonus program Cosmeticly;
  • a full description of the functionality of the editor posts;
  • information about the process of moderation and administrators;
  • page history events on the website.

Come and meet section

Take your feedback about the new help system.

Editor of publications

The editor gave us a lot of trouble lately! But we fixed major bugs and finished the full functionality as intended. Also corrected is not very convenient points for your feedback: links can now be edited, there was Emoji support phone layout, all the blocks of the editor are removed by the cross in the right corner of the block, the problem with inserting links in Safari fixed, adjusted the size of the gaps in the text. The toolbar was fixed and now is always on view at the top of the screen.

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All editor functions are now described in detail in the new help:

  • brief description of the functionality — why the need for all the buttons of the editor;
  • how to insert, edit and delete objects in the post — cat, link, photo, video, Emoji, and authors Cosmeticly;
  • how are special blocks in the editor lists, pros and cons, quotes, product information and surveys.

Describe more detail about new blocks and what they do, when they should and should not be used.


✔ for direct quotations of a person, book, film, scientific papers and other sources;

✔ for quoting a small passage of text, no more than 1-2 paragraphs;

✖ a large amount of text in block quotes is hard to read, it is better to arrange in italics;

✖ description of the manufacturer is the background and requires no special allocation;

✖ the product — now it has a special place in another unit (see below);

✖ overquoting (a lot of quotes in the post) is considered a violation.

The surface of normal skin is acidic, and its pH is 5.5 (neutral pH is 7.0, and the pH of blood is 7.4). Almost all living cells (including a large part of the bacterial) are very sensitive to changes in pH, and even slight acidification is fatal to them.

The pros and cons

✔ for a brief summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the product;

✔ items are best made in small letters using a hyphen;

✖ if pros and cons a lot (10-20-30) — it is better to make a list.

✖ if each item occupies one or more proposals is also better to use the list.

— a pleasant fragrance
— good ratio quality/price
— convenient packaging
— nice texture — very small amount
— not suitable for oily skin
— short shelf life

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✔ if you want something to list and concentrate on that;

✔ if the publication has a outline or description of the process;

✔ if the advantages and disadvantages too voluminous to put them into a special unit (see above).

Product information

A completely new block in a compressed form find all the information about the product. Block with information about the product can and should add to the end of the review for each product, if you describe several tools. Finally, it is possible not to take up space in the post listing the long composition of the product and to place it in a separate form, which is revealed when you click on a special icon. What is in the block:

✔ rating on a scale of 10;

✔ the price in multiple currencies;

✔ information on the term and frequency of use;

✔ information about the type of leather (can be opened by clicking the icon of the hands);

✔ the product (can be opened by clicking on the test tube icon).

It looks like the block of information about the product inside the editor.The block is in the published post. Icon test tubes and palms down, see the composition of the product and the skin type of the author.


Surveys are added to any post and may contain any number of answer choices. Supports voting for one or several items of the survey. You can also choose who vote — all users Cosmeticly, or only authors. How does this block you can see in the end of the post.


The last six months we have been busy with technical updates, which are not always noticeable, but very important to maintaining the life of the community. We’re a little late with the conference, but ready to begin discussions with double enthusiasm! The questions all of us worry, do not always refer specifically to our community, but rather to the beauty industry and society in General. Why don’t we talk about all this on the.?

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We often received requests to return “the same.” and accusations that the administration sold to someone ???? a Little bit clarify the situation. Guide Cosmeticly has not changed since the Foundation. We love to. and our users ❤ and want to keep everything we developed. “The very Cosmetici” will not be, because everything changes — people, circumstances, the world around. Unfortunately, fortunately? We don’t know. But offer to continue the path to the. new!

Proposed in the near future to discuss the burning issues to understand — where we are together move on. Frankly, we have plans on implementing a very interesting functionals, which will be really useful for you. In the meantime, we have prepared a list of topics for upcoming conferences. Vote for the topic that seems most relevant. Based on the results of the survey, we will develop a schedule of conferences to be held much more often than usual.

Downloadable survey….

Please speak up in the comments on any subject, but first and foremost we would appreciate questions, suggestions and feedback on the latest innovations. And please, a little more friendly ❤ We are not here to blame and hurt each other, right? Everything that has been bothering you can be described calmly and without insults.

Thank you all for your attention!

You’ve got our attention ????

P. S. There is another update, which we are not told.

But the most attentive already saw.

Write in the comments what it is! ????

View poll results: what are you interested in talking in the first place?


Questions, feedback, suggestions on the functionality of the site.



Thematic scope: what I want and don’t want to see on the..



The life of a beauty blogger: what’s going on, how things have changed reviews of where to begin and what is it all.



Negative on the. and society.



Want posts about luxury! Where are they? How has the cosmetic industry.


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