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Yves Rocher Intensive Care Sleeping Care

For some time now, due to certain circumstances, I have to lighten the hair. Despite the fact that brightening do in the salon, the hair doesn’t get easier. So restorative and nourishing balms and masks — for me, a daily necessity.

Interesting tool — night mask for hair Yves Rocher intensive care Sleeping Care — I have noticed in the newsletter brand. Soon we got acquainted closer, and it turned out that underneath the mask was hiding a small secret.

The mask comes in a bottle with a volume of 150 ml tube of recycled plastic. With the discount I got it for about 460 RUB currently use the tool for about a month.

Yves Rocher Intensive Care Sleeping Care

Mask itself is a white cream of medium thickness, with quite a strong perfumed scent. The odorant over time the hair weakens but does not disappear completely.

Yves Rocher Intensive Care Sleeping Care

The manufacturer promises the restoration and transformation of the hair for the night. The mask contains jojoba oil, macadamia and olive and squalane, and contains no dyes, silicones and parabens. Actually it is supposed to apply the mask at night, about an hour before bedtime, and just leave it on the hair, not washing in the morning. But after the first use I realized…

And let me tell you about my hair first! Don’t miss the opportunity to whine a bit. In General, in the genetic lottery I was lucky in many respects, but not with the hair (and sorry). I got thin, dry and straight. After salon bleaching them became very sick, comb with difficulty (and losses ???? ), very broken and fuzziness. Well, I took the soul.

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So, the first night after the purchase I tried to put the mask on the hair. The failure was in the fact that it is unclear how to apply it, and I’m not stingy, so to speak. As it turned out, for my length of hair enough mask size forest hard: rubbing it in the palms and washing the hair, retreating from the roots a few inches.

The first time I seriously overdid it and my hair have become quite oily. But even with my missteps, I immediately felt that I could skip your fingers through the strands, and they (the hair, not the fingers) were much less confused, become smooth and soft as it was once upon a time, before staining.

And then I, like all Russian people, began to use the mask according to the instructions. Namely, as caring leave-in conditioner. The action of the show (the mask was applied to clean dry hair, no other means not used):

Yves Rocher intensive care Sleeping Care — before and after (the difference in a couple of minutes)
Yves Rocher intensive care Sleeping Care — before and after (the difference in a couple of minutes)Yves Rocher intensive care Sleeping Care — before and after (the difference in a couple of minutes)

Subject to moderation in the amount no fat and stickiness does not appear. Hair is instantly smoother and softer, less fuzziness, they are easy to comb. On the large photo it is visible that the strands are more crumbly, and not shot down in a bristling tuft of straw. Overall, the hair looks tidier and livelier.

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I did not notice cumulative effect of the mask, but I’m not sure in my case it can ever be, because the hair worn down.

In the end, I was not one I expected but I’m pleased with it.

natural oils
without silicones
the visible effect as permanent funds
not too expensive
available for sale
eco-friendly upakovketabl strong flavor
not quite the tool that was expected

As a leave means I put the mask 5 points.

PS I would be grateful if someone of the readers will advise treatment treatment for hair. Given the fact that the hair should be regularly tinted and that not want they were stuck to the head (saw the effect).

Whereupon otkladyvat.

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