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At first long thought to write or not to write a review for the funds, as we are unfortunately no longer available, but still my love to them many years and there is nothing better for the soul I have not tried. So today we will talk about the common ordinary brand Nivea, which turned out to be so favorite that I bring with me these oils their holiday. Yes, and not one bottle.

Nivea Shower Oil

A bit of history

I have very dry body skin. And this is the punishment I got for some karmic coincidence, as the second such person I don’t know which would be from slight dehydration or a change of water, the skin dried up to such an extent that he could not only start to peel off, but even get painful cracks. Imagine chapped lips winter hands and feet. Agree, pleasant enough.

That is why for many years I prefer oils in skin care and nourishing creams. Cleansing of the skin should be delicate, not traumatic, but the quality. That’s why I refused sponges/sponges for the application of the gel on the skin (due to constant irritation of the skin) and once in the course of their experiments on the search for a good shower gel, I stumbled upon this oil for several years. Then I was a student and this oil quietly sold in any supermarket. Then for reasons unknown to me this means ceased to bring to Russia. I was grieving, and thought that it was removed from production, but then accidentally met in one of the trips to Germany and now I bring it with enviable regularity.

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The oil is a divine fragrance that after cleansing, the skin is delayed. Upon contact with water the oil a little foam, but just a little bit. Perfectly cleanses the skin, very soft and delicate even for sensitive and inflamed skin of the body. It smartly can be mixed with different scrubs, to slip on the skin and was less traumatic.

After applying the oil the leather is very soft, not tight, perfectly moisturized and does not even require applying an additional moisturizer, although at night I still put cream/lotion, but in the morning if I use this oil in addition to moisturizing the skin can no longer use.

The tool is very economical and consumption is very low as it is distributed to the skin and gently but efficiently cleans. And this is a huge plus, so you buy around the corner this product is impossible.

Nivea Beauty Oil Bath

And if oil shower product is very popular, here is the bath oil is used not so often as I physically do not have much time to take a bath. With shower, everything is much easier 🙂

But still sometimes you want to relax or just to warm up/relax and considering my history, I just can’t add oil to the water so as to soften it.

This oil is presented in a heavy glass bottle, already this SPA-version ))))) And just a little money added to hot water, soften it perfectly. The oil does not foam, but still felt as an impurity in the water, even a small amount.

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The oil softens the skin, relaxes fine, though… Relaxing of course hot water, but the bath oil is a nice bonus.

After a bath with this oil it rinses clean under running water as the skin and the surface of the bath. The skin after application of soft and smooth not tight and pleasant to the touch. And if, in addition, apply a favorite body oil, such as citrus, then visited the Spa,:))))

Your Nadya

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