Non-obvious causes of hair loss

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Any woman sometimes confronted with excessive hair loss. We have learned, what reasons can cause this unpleasant phenomenon.

In the winter and in the offseason, the hair often falls out more than usual, for quite objective reasons. First of all, it’s different catarrhal and viral diseases. It would seem that three days of a cold is not a problem, but in fact, even trite ARD may lead to violation of the phases of hair growth and increase hair loss. The role played by stress from disruption of the nerve hair can literally “climb the scraps”.

The cause of excessive hair loss can be laying. Treatments, blow hot hair dryer, Curling tongs and really not too much influence on hair loss is a natural process. But the impact on the roots, for example, the tension of the hair affects this process. If you often do hard tails or braids, wearing heavy accessories for the hair, the hair to fall hard. And, in some cases, it’s not even the loss itself, but scrapped the hair at the root. With this problem the easiest way – try to make more free hairstyles and most allow the hair to rest.

Cause of excess hair loss might be hiding in vitamins. Moreover, as their lack and excess. Experts recommend not to take any b-vitamin complex or supplements without the advice of a doctor, since, for example, an overabundance of very useful and necessary for the hair vitamin A may lead to undesirable consequences – instead of being shiny and healthy, the hair will start to fall hard.

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