North Korea can enter the world market of cosmetics

Cosmetic products from North Korea may soon be available worldwide, the country’s leader Kim Jong-UN reiterated the potential of the beauty industry for the state.

In connection with the 70th anniversary of North Korea last week, journalists from around the world were invited to learn more about their production capacity of the state, including cosmetics factory Pyongyang. This is not the first time a plant appears in the media. In October last year, North Korean leader visited a factory with his sister and wife.

The Pyongyang cosmetics factory, was founded in 1960 and produces shampoo, products for skin care, makeup and perfumes under the brand Unhasu. According to Kyodo News, the representative of the plant said that the quality of the products that they produce is on par with the most popular brands.

To achieve this, the research section of the plant analyzed samples of the best brands, including Chanel, and has developed its products based on its results. “We have created our own products based on the analysis. Our products have caught up or even surpassed the international brands in terms of nutrients,” – said the chief engineer, Lee Seon-Hee.

In addition, it was stated that the Unhasu not only popular domestically, but also abroad. Currently, it is exported to five countries, including China, Russia and Iran.

Unhasu not only known cosmetic brand from North Korea. As reported by Korean Central news Agency (KCNA), Kim Jong-UN, apparently, is a fan of Pomhyanggi brand known as “cosmetics with the spring flavor”.

In July of this year, Kim made a visit to the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory, the first large-scale cosmetic plant in the country, which produces Pomhyanggi. It is reported that during this trip the state leader called on the factory to continue to improve and innovate, not rest on our laurels, despite the fact that the Pomhyanggi cosmetics are very popular among the people.

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Kyodo News noted a few changes in mediapolitical North Korea. In particular, the country began to use the media to demonstrate their economic opportunities and attracting foreign investment. In addition, during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of instead demonstrate missiles and other weapons, Kim Yong Nam said in his opening remarks that Pyongyang has reached the desired military power and that the main emphasis will be on economic development.

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