Nostalgia for Deborah Lippmann

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According to my personal feelings nail Polish brand Deborah Lippmann has almost become history. Posts on lucky brand is already practically do not meet at all, although more recently it has been booming worldwide for its limited collections, especially the brand was famous for its glittery polishes. This is truly a feature of the mark.

And while it is still vacation, I will show you and at the same time, recruit an army for the past sweet days!

Frankly, I do not really like glitter, and glucomanano in my entire life I’ve had, I think, not more than 10 pieces. Troubles with the lifting beat off all hunting. Well, again, I always seem a little too much, but now would be the time!

Deborah Lippmann Lady Sings The Blues

Lac space! Dark blue jelly base with lots of holographic particles of different size and shape. Just fireworks on hand!

I put Lady Sings The Blues and in a single layer in two, but liked it first. In two he seems to be very heavy and rough, and the abundance of glitter just exceeds all bounds)) Although in this case the base lacquer is not completely uniform, and where the most concentration of glitter, where the base rests richer and looks darker

This is especially seen in the photo above. Even though live coverage more lively, and this fact is not as noteworthy as static pictures, where you see all the flaws.

In the case of one layer of lacquer is well suited one layer of the top. Nail his ears, and covering even in this case is voluminous.

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Removed, you know how — long and tedious. But once a year it is possible, very desirable and beautiful))

Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance

Blueberry madness! Base of black lacquer, jelly. Glitter — purple, of different size and shape. Nail Polish makes your hands very subtle and overall it seems more feminine.

Lacquer thinner, and apply it in 1 coat is not possible. All bald spots. So 2 is obligatory. Not to overdo it with the glitter on the nails, I removed it partially about the neck of the bottle.

Two layer coating looks complete, and the optimal amount of glitter makes it voluminous.

To support aquarium watercolor, I needed 2 layers of top. And it is still imperfectly smoothed shiny particles. We need a very tight top, my pretty EzFlow liquid handled does not matter.

2 layers of glitter are worn very long and also long are peeled. The varnish is ideal for long January holidays — all days kept as if beaten and there is no need to be distracted for a manicure in a series of constant revelry and fun))

Do you remember the lucky Deborah? What are your most favorite?

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