Not all that cheap, angry and unattractive. Shine in the new year night together with the autumn new products from Essence

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On this post I was inspired by the second part of the autumn new products from Essence. Most are metallic, shiny and very suitable for creating a festive makeover, including for Christmas. These are the ways to do eye makeup and even add a little Shine to the face.

Liquid eyeliner eyeshadow Essence Melted chrome eyeliner

Black or brown eyeliner for some girls is a must have. But what would you say, if it is non-standard ink colors, for example, Burgundy? What if it will be more metallic?

This eyeliner is offering to us brand to embellish our makeup.

It is quite small in size, enclosed in a plastic vial.

The applicator of money is made in the form of a brush of lint, and it’s too thick, thin arrow it draws practically impossible. This is a small disadvantage, which may prevent some enjoy painting festive makeup.


I have shade 03 Platinum beauty.

It is brown-grey, as stated, of metal, is quite beautiful, I personally liked.



Eyeliner is not very easy to apply due to the thick brush, but if you have experience drawing arrows — handle.

Durability good. Haven’t checked the rain or tears, but it seems not stated as waterproof. Erase can mitsellyarnoi.

Cost: 270 RUB.

Shade: 03 Platinum beauty

Usage time: a month or more

Rating: 4


Eyeliner could be perfect, if not a brush. She spoils the whole picture, although not the eyeliner is not usable. In General, the “4” hoses.

Eyeshadow Essence Eyeshadow Melted Chrome

The shadow Essence failed. They are not all shades are simple, but all beautiful.

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I have as many as 3 shades, Packed in a plastic odnushki with a sturdy closing mechanism.

They have the texture Muscovy, soft, if you press the finger with the surface are pressed and will leave a mark. Therefore some shades are not so easy to apply. With them will cope well finger, but the brush is still necessary to try to find.


My ironic shades 02, 04 the look steel, copper 06 me.

Gold, steel and copper metallics, which is something even similar to foil.



Copper on a movable century and lower in the outer areaHere is the silver on the movable century, gold in the inner corner and on the lower eyelid

In applying the capricious copper. He recruited well on the finger, but passed on the eyelid does not want to. You have to split hairs with him twenty times poke in the eye with a finger. But the result is worth it. With gold and silver shades. They are just bomber, zhirnenkoe and well tolerated with a finger on the eyelid. They can be cast as a light glittery make-up and bright sparkling evening.

In the process of applying can be a little crumble, but just a little bit.

For durability, they not 5. Although I have fat hanging eyelid, is rarely what shade to get along with the century. And they still did quite well worn, but not a solid 5 like I said.

Price: 290 RUB

Shade: 02, 04, 06

Usage time: a month or more

Rating: 5-


Very beautiful shade that you can forgive them a little moodiness. Copper — the most whimsical, but it is just a wonderful shade. They are very pigmented, inexpensive, therefore, it can be a good purchase.

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Illuminating powder Essence My must haves holo holographic powder

Another lovely shade that can serve as aliterate.

I also have 3 shades, and they can fit even in everyday makeup. Although at first I was looking at them too trustingly, because it is yellow, pink and green shades. Poorly can you imagine these shades on the cheekbones itself. But it turned out that they are not babamusta, it will come down to hiliting, especially together, the three of us. And eye makeup even more perfect.

They are made just as a round one-room, which can be removed from plastic and inserted into a magnetic palette.

Texture are not chalky, no big sparkles, shines quite well, not cheap.


I have the shades 01 honestly me, 02 cotton candy, mint muse 04.



Here in the corner of the eye used a pink shade on a movable and lower eyelids green.Here we have used a yellow tint on the cheeks

Glow is quite subtle, but the shade passed. On the cheeks you can apply all three shades together or pink and yellow, and the eyes fit all, in my opinion.

Applied seamlessly is a good way to blend or layering, if needed. Even blond girls will Shine.

The colour is also not on a solid 5, a little fade with time, but overall almost a good.

Cost: 185 RUB.

Shade: 01, 02, 04

Usage time: a month or more

Rating: 5


These shades I liked even more, mainly due to its multifunctionality. Can’t underestimate them for easy and dull, therefore they deserve 5.


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These new items from the brand also came out good. Be glad for the brand. And pleased to use these means, now I know what I’m going to Shine in new year’s eve)

Have you tried any of these tools? Do you like it?

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