Not too purple Norvina Eyeshadow Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills

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With this palette I decided to take the time to sufficiently get to know her and share finally formed a view.

So, in a palette of 14 soul school: exactly half shimmer and half matte shadows. Lilac color packaging hints at lilac filling. But shades close to purple and purple only three.

Top repily in daylight, and below the sun.

Consider refile a closer look in different lighting:

From right to left the first four shades
The following four
The remaining six

Now let’s look at each separately.

Start with the top row of shimarov:

Drama: the driest of all chemerow this palette and all of my existing chemerow of this brand. Even swatches it looks more like a matte with glitter than shimmer in classic view. However, when choosing the right brush it goes much better on the eyelids. Showered, maybe more than others, as I have not tried carefully applied. Soft or fluffy brushes badly typed. But the flat brush from the column or affection well it dials and sends. I successfully managed to catch on a photo Swatch wonderful sparkle shimmer, on the eyes it’s much scormmie looks.

Dazzling: soft, almost creamy shimmer that appears gold in the sun, but nonetheless has a pink hue in daylight. Beautiful and rich shade. When you set brush crumble pieces, which can then be pressed back to the refil, go finger tight and bright, well-layered on himernye the shadows. On a soft natural brush is poorly typed and sent a beautiful haze of glitter. But the flat brush from the column is well-typed and passed on the eyelid and then Blendable on the borders. TX of these shadows is similar to the Soft shimmer of Glam, but in the past I have no problem with drawing any brushes, so in fact the formula is still different.

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Celestial: this shade is drier previous, can be applied more transparently and all with the same brush. With careful application you can cope with the flowability. Can be applied on matte and himernye the shadows.

Rose Gold: similar in TX on Dazzling. I like a nice warm rosevine have a bronze hue. This shimmer is one of the most popular I have.

Wild Child: cool pink shimmer is clearly different from other less kremovato and greater transparency. However, shadows are well superimposed on the matte shades, giving a beautiful highlight. Can only apply with your finger or the same brush of the column.

Summer: Golden, delicate, but dense shade. On the front looks very impressive. Gold shades the ground, some tend to yellow and some are green or brown. The same sort of “Golden mean”, a pure gold color. At the th same as the Dazzling and Rose Gold.

Dreamer: the last of these, the most successful creamy texture. The shade is dense, has a Golden-beige color, which is visible on my skin, the feather begins to highlight, like the highlighter. But if corner of the eye, it is well suited, for application under the brow too bright. I mix it with a matte Base shade to get the desired result.

For clarity, all seven swatches together:

And closer:

Now it is the turn of the matte range:

Passion: classic brown-brick matte shadow in the spirit of the brand with a familiar flow and pigmentation. The red undertone is well passed makeup. The tint is not too dark.

Eccentric: a pleasant sandy shade, was lighter than Incense and more tending to orange.

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Volatile: cold typowy shade for the crease dark, if only it did not mix with the Base. But well, in the palette there’s this cool shade, and the palette was very was warm.

Love: soft pink with aplinkai shade for the crease. Like to mix with the Incense to obtain a shade of dusty rose. In the shadow of the added silver shimmer which is more noticeable in the sun and gives a glow. Therefore, shadows do not appear tightly matted.

Incense: light warm brown shade for the crease was darker than I expected. Moreover, similar to the shades of Soft Glame.

Soul: such a beautiful pervansh in refile. That’s what I liked the most and influenced the decision to buy the palette. In the end, he was more purple than I would like and it is quite difficult wearable with my type of appearance. Ie I have no problem to use it in makeup, as an additional shade, but as the main, he makes me really nervous. This shade also has a silver shimmer and TX indistinguishable from Love. No problems with the feather I have. Goes into purple haze, and not in the dirt.

Base: the name of the shade itself explains its purpose. Soft matte shade of ivory. Sleep tight and not translucent. Under the brow gives the slightest illumination, and in combination with a Dreamer make a great shadow under the eyebrow.

Swatch of all matte shadows together:

Left to right: daylight, sun, bright cool fluorescent light.

And all the shades closer:

The sun is visible shimmer in Soul and Love.

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Traditionally will show multiple looks.

Makeover No. 1:

Makeover No. 2:

Makeover No. 3:

My experiment with Soul as the main hue

Makeover No. 4:

In the outer corner of the eye Drama, which further stretched the purple of the Soul.The last makeup in the full image

The palette was bright. On the one hand, you can do light makeup, but start something easy, and then arm stretches to Simmern that are too bright to do a modest makeup. Personally, I have still not been able to do with this palette not bright image. There are some difficulties with semirami, but finding an approach to them, the problem was quickly resolved.

Here’s my helper for applying chemerow

If this palette compare with the Soft Glam, the latter is more versatile, so the choice of only one I would recommend SG.

Volume: 14 soul school at 0,74 g

Production: USA

Price: 3800 roubles

Rating: 5- (require approach shimmer)


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