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All those who like abrasive scrubs here!

I’ve been using enzyme peels, because my skin often reacts aggressively to mechanical impact( scrubs, classic massage etc ) but when buying online I needed something to throw into the basket to score the amount to get free shipping. So this friend almost casually turned to me.

Full name in Russian: a Nourishing sugar scrub.

The manufacturer’s promises: Exfoliation of dead skin cells and soften the skin.

Shelf life after opening 12 months.

A volume of 50 ml.

Smell: I could not understand what he reminds me of. Remembered today! Early 90’s was chewing gum ( turbo? ) with the taste of chocolate. That’s a smell one to one ???? all just smells of cocoa. I like it.

How to use: the manufacturer recommends 3 times a week, but I would not recommend to get involved with abrasive scrubs so often, especially if Your skin reacts to the mechanical effect rash. I use 2 times a week apply to dry skin, distributed, begin massaging by adding water. Wash off with warm water. Suitable for use on the lips.

Detailed view: the scrub has a dense texture, like wax or oil. Scrubbing particles enough, the skin they do not hurt. It may seem that water scrub can not be washed, as it is very oily, but no, washed out, tackiness or film does not leave. Skin like silk. So smooth, soft and gentle. I like to use it on the lips.I sometimes get little clogged pores on the nose, the scrub cleans, but I don’t think he will cope with strongly inhibited, wide pores, blackheads and so forth, but its purpose is to combat dryness and flaking, it copes fine. No adverse reactions in the form of podnosnikow or did not cause irritation.

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A few words about the packaging: the scrub is in a glass washer. Cover the plastic. What can I say, the glass always adds solidity. A Bank nice to have on the shelf and to hold in hands.

Put on dry skin.


Added water and massaged.

Washed away. No greasy film. The skin is matte and soft.

Of course, such a product is difficult to show in the work, its effect should feel.

Use life: 15 times.


Price: 9,95€ ( sometimes you can catch discounts )

Thanks for stopping by! Anya.

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