Novelties Givenchy Divin Blanc Collection Spring 2020

At Givenchy in the spring of 2020 will be new products in the whitening line , Blanc Divin — cream mask Divin Blanc Fresh Brightening Moisture Mask and loose powder Divin Blanc Brightening Loose Powder. This line appeared in 2017 and it is intended to whiten the skin, suppress the production of melanin to prevent appearance of freckles and age spots, and give skin a “pure radiance”.

— New mask Divin Givenchy Blanc Fresh Brightening Moisture Mask is designed to enhance the beauty of the skin and improve its barrier function. At the same time it gives the skin an attractive white, makes it soft and fresh. Use a new mask in three ways — as the first stage of skin care (advance care), as an overnight mask or as a regular mask. As a preliminary care it is applied on the washed face with a thin layer (need to get a mask the size of a small pea), and the top apply your usual care. The mask texture is non-sticky, it softens the skin and improves penetration of following care. As a night mask, it is recommended to use 2-3 times a week, taking her cherry size and leaving all night. It can also be used as a regular mask, wash after 10-15 minutes.

— New loose powder Givenchy Divin Blanc Brightening Loose Powder has a very fine texture and contains in its composition the ingredients body. Despite its airy texture, it tightly covers the skin, aligning even the smallest bumps color. It also added the mother-of-pearl, which gives the skin translucent and delicate Shine.

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New collection Givenchy Divin Blanc Collection Spring 2020 will go on sale in Japan from March 1, 2020release date in Russia is still unknown.

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