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Gosh Copenhagen in Russia for 23 years, but I met mark recently, and even regret not doing it sooner. Today I want to show new items that I had to try.

Let’s start with the most vpechatlilo me product — Gosh Primer Plus Chameleon.

The theme of primers and grout is not easy for me, I already told earlier about your disappointment with the products of Catrice. The Gosh primer is much different from them and I would even call it a multifunctional tool, because he occasionally replaces my makeup.

But about all under the order ????

Primer Plus Chameleon Packed in bottle with dispenser, which gives out a moderate serving, and generally easy to use. There is one minus — I can’t see how much is left of the money, so it will end most likely completely unexpected.

Volume: 30 ml

Brand: Gosh Copenhagen

Country of brand: Denmark

Production country: Denmark

The primer is white in colour with small slightly darker spots, but the distribution of the skin suddenly changes color to red))

As it turned out, not to be afraid of this need — in the process of distributing it well adapts to the skin tone. And under darker skin, and lighter skin. But it is important to distribute quickly and evenly, otherwise may appear slightly darker areas, but in the future they are easy to hide powder or powder.

The consistency of the Gosh primer is like a light Foundation or bb cream, it’s not as dense and siliconates as grout for long.

The texture is gentle, pleasant, has a light fragrance that quickly disappears from the skin.

My skin is prone to oily Shine, but most importantly — noticeable enlarged pores that I would like to hide, but all the Foundation rather more emphasize the texture of my skin. In General, from base makeup I’m expecting at least a small leveling of the skin, improving the coating quality and durability of the makeup.

The manufacturer promises of the skin, improving tone and healthy appearance, as well as protection against atmospheric pollution, that does not hurt me as a resident of the metropolis.


Gosh offers to use your product as a base under Foundation, and solo.

Option 1. Solo

Apply the primer after morning care. Distribute with your fingers or a brush — the difference in result was noticed in both cases is good, no streaks and spots.

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Before applying primer:


Can’t say that it “liquid photoshop”, but the result I am satisfied. The skin lines, pores less visible, and even small defects in the primer hides. But of course, if you want to hide visible defects, then no concealer will not do. The face looks fresher and prettier.

In addition, the primer mattifies the skin well — I usually do not even powder during the day,

perhaps the appearance of light (one might say, the shining))), but the form remains quite decent.

I like to use a primer solo. If the skin no obvious defects, then I replace them with concealer. It is much easier and looks more natural.

Option 2. As a base under Foundation

Apply the primer after the morning care, and on top of it — Foundation.

Let’s compare tone without the base:

Tone primer:

My large pores are still noticeable, but overall the terrain with the primer turns smoother than without it. Concealer does not sink into pores, and therefore does not stress them further.

Also a surprising fact — Primer Plus Chameleon really improves the durability of the Foundation and makes application easy. There are no “bald spots” and rubbing, as with my previous grout, there is no trace.

This second option I also liked, and the first time I see sense in creating a “layer cake” on her face is really beautiful ????


My impressions

  • Gosh Primer Plus Chameleon performs well the functions of the base facilitates the application of colors, improves its firmness and does not sink into pores.
  • Also the primer works well solo, and can even replace Foundation or bb cream. It evens skin tone and skin texture and not turns the face into a greasy pancake.
  • It is really a “chameleon” ???? — changes color on the eyes and adapts to skin tone, merging with it (but of course, it is important to distribute it evenly)

678₽цена10/10оценка1 a month, 1P/danapalooza skin Type: Oily skin

Mascara Gosh Rebel Eyes Lengthening Mascara black

About the Gosh mascara I have long heard good reviews from a friend and try it was more interested in.

The packaging here is standard, brush, rubber, slightly wider than my usual XXL Belarusian, but quite comfortable — so good to paint over even the smallest lashes without contaminating the eyelids and face.

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Volume: 9 ml

Brand: Gosh Copenhagen

Country of brand: Denmark

Production country: Denmark

Shade and texture

Shade of black, classic — not coal, but not pale. Any everyone and for any purpose.

Pleased that the texture is not too liquid, and immediately available as necessary. Nothing does not stain does not spread. This is not the case when you want to open and wait a week for normal use.

My lashes

They are, but not bright and not expressive. And after applying makeup, they are completely lost on my face, so mascara is the number one tool for me))

Mascara I’m waiting for maximum effect: lengthening, and volume. For daytime makeup I need a neat, natural lashes, but to “make drama” I do too sometimes, so need to be able to layering mascara.

Gosh Rebel Eyes Lengthening Mascara in 1 layer:

I like the result — just one stroke creates a fluffy, long lashes. No lumps and spider legs, look neat and natural, as I wanted for daytime makeup.

Layer 2:

After the second layer of lashes visibly longer had volume. But there is little bonding. More I do not — this is the maximum for a neat makeup with this mascara.

With the Gosh 9 Shades eye shadow 004 To Be Cool in Copenhagen:

Durability and the Contour

The ink is good for office workers — it lasts all day under moderate loads. But if activity is high, or you suddenly decide to sleep or RUB your eyes the mascara will be a little frustrating. In principle, for not waterproof mascara it is quite acceptable, but remember that it is not for the gym or for a hike.

It is easily removed micellar water.

My favorite it did not, in the first place for me is XXL from Luxvisage. But for a light daytime makeup and I loved it.

650₽цена8/10оценка1 a month, 1P/danapalooza

Lipstick in the stick Gosh Kiss Me! Matt Lips

My lips are quite dry and cranky, so matte lipsticks I usually are not friends. But with this it worked perfectly, although the opacity here a little questionable))

Lipstick is made in the form of a pencil. Package exactly repeats the color of the stick, which is useful for selection and further use, once it is clear that managed to “catch” out of the Cabinet or cosmetic ????

Weight: 2 g

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Brand: Gosh Copenhagen

Country of brand: Denmark

Country of origin: Italy

The shades and Texture

The lipstick is marketed as a hydrating, long-lasting and comfortable due to the lightness and lack of stickiness.

In the range of 8 shades, mostly warm, autumn tones. And my Sweet kiss 006 — warm, red-brown.

I use Kiss Me! Matt Lips in two ways that give completely different effect. But first will show You your lips without makeup:

Option 1. Classic

Apply like a normal lipstick in the stick. The color is a dense, full-bodied. Pleased that without the pencil, the stick creates a clear outline even on my lips.

The finish obtained is not matte but rather satin. And more like Matt is only some time later, but still it is not guhoi matte finish.

(Though I can’t say I’m displeased)) Dull matte on my lips look worse.)

The lipstick is really very stable, experiencing a good tea and dinner. But imprinted on everything that touches the lips.

Option 2. Ludowy

For this option, I only touch the lips hammered light movements. It turns out “makeup without makeup” lips rouged and manicured, but not bright and not drawing attention to herself.

This version I like more — I prefer to focus on the eyes. In addition, when such applying lipstick perfectly is not printed, and it’s sooo convenient!

Full image in combination with the shadows from the palette 004 Gosh 9 Shades To Be Cool in Copenhagen:

Durability and the Contour

Durability very pleased. good going through as a Cup of tea and a full lunch. Maybe just a little tarnish.

Cloth it does not erase, but the hydrophilic oil or micellar water easily and without a trace.

My impressions

  • I liked that you can easily create different looks with one lipstick.
  • Gosh Kiss Me! Matt Lips are easy to apply, does not spread, does not require the use of a pencil.
  • The finish is rather satin lipstick, and for some it can be a disadvantage. But I’m happy because lipstick does not emphasize lip texture, does not flow into the folds. Although, of course, strong peeling she can not hide.
  • The stated ultra-hydration, I didn’t notice, but it definitely does not dry the lips.

Lipstick I’m happy, I only wish more variety of shades in the line. I would love to have bought such in a purple scheme.

817₽цена9/10оценка1 month, 3P/nudeleisaibens

Thank you for your attention!

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