Novexpert Magnesium Mist. Soothing haze for the face magnesium

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Today, the focus of this post haze for the face magnesium from the company Novexpert. It would seem that nothing special is not worth waiting, but the product has to allocate from its analogues.
Looking ahead I will say that it’s not a must-have for everyone, but try hard to underestimate this tool.

So, the manufacturer’s promises:
Smoke calms the skin with Dead sea minerals and magnesium. Also in the promises antioxidant effect, long-lasting moisturizing, toning and protection from contamination.

Water, dead sea salt, nitrogen. The manufacturer specifies 100% natural components and the magnesium concentration was 2400 mg/L.

Additional boxes are not required. Aluminum cylinder with a matte finish and full information on the composition, recommendations of use. The volume of means of 150 ml.
Dispenser is the smallest spray haze really.

My impressions on:
To begin with, I note that previously used only for its thermal water and means of enriched composition this is the first. Nothing of the sort searched for, but seeing a good discount, I decided to try.
I am 27 years old and my skin is combination, problem with frequent local inflammation, dilated pores. For me the choice of care is always difficult, and I rarely repeat the use of the same products. But it will stay with me for a long time.
This tool use morning and evening after cleansing or after cleansing masks, for example, clay. Spray on face and leave for half a minute. Then pamaciau with a sponge and proceed to the next stage of care. After the first use, again without expecting anything from tools, I was pleasantly surprised. The skin was smooth and I would like to touch, and this is when my pores, which always create a certain relief.

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Comparison with other tools:
Earlier often used the thermal water from la roche posay, the effect of which was minimal. Haze Novexpert, as for me, more effective means. The difference from the thermal water is noticeable that there is an effect, which cannot be said about water.

Every time my hand goes to this smoke. The skin is smooth and don’t require cream, which I try not to abuse, as yet not found the perfect one.
Today the tool use for a month. About the cumulative effect to say, maybe even earlier. Inflammation does not provoke.
In short, only positive impressions.

The testing period is 1 month
My assessment of the tool 5
The price is about 1000 p., I bought with discount over 600 p
I’m Elena, I hope this post will be useful.

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