Nudestix Skin Concealer Pencil in shade Light 1

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This time we will focus on the creamy concealer Nudestix in hue to the whites of the snow white Light 1. As with all products of this brand, the concealer is in the form of stick — in this case, pencil. And, admittedly, this gives him certain advantages. But what, and is there any means of cons, read below.

NUDESTIX Skin Concealer Pencil

As usual, I’ll start with the packaging, but first a few words about the brand. Nudestix is a company Jenny Frankel (eng. Jenny Frankel), creating products for MAC and Cover FX, and her two teenage daughters. Decorative cosmetics Nudestix seeks to Express the mood of the generation Z: it is easy to use, great for natural makeup and, according to the creators, suitable for all. In General, liberté, égalité, fraternité.

NUDESTIX Skin Concealer Pencil

That pencil-concealer, they really look simple and their small range is not full of the same shades Hello, Dior. And yet those beige in the middle seem too similar.

Pencil case for pencil

Packing them is quite simple: it is a pencil with a lid that fit on the rear part of the pen when in use. Plastic on the lid is a little rough, not smooth like the rest of the pencil. This modification is done to ensure that it does not slip in the hand when open.

The main advantage of the format of a pencil: it is easy to carry, it takes up minimal space and allows for quick touchups. However, this advantage is passing me by as I prefer to do makeup on century all day, and makeup wear rare. But minus the pencils I was quite clear: cap and stylus periodically touch each other, and when opening/closing the stick stains.

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This is the “running” part of the product, but not all. Included is also a metal case with a mirror and sharpener. Yes, the pencil will need sharpening. The mirror inside now, I came with the spot, which is not removed. That doesn’t bother me, as the pencil case I used rarely. On the other hand, to throw it too.

Open pencil case

Texture. Soft, creamy. If you don’t, but won’t scratch or pull the skin when applied. The product is applied directly to the skin and blend with your finger, brush or sponge. My choice — velikopolsky synthetic brush to blend a small size.

The shade and finish. The shade is really bright, but pink. Noticeably pink even for me — getting the color is not 100%. The oxidized product is minimal, which in itself is a rarity. It was a bit “sits” in a couple of minutes after application and more merges with the skin, but I would still prefer a more neutral undertone.

Prostukivanii and feathered Swatch of the concealer on the brush hands in the daylight

Most often I can blend to the natural look, but the overlaying will be clear that I have less fresh than the concealer. The darker shade (Light 2) fits me even less, besides about my skin, and it is also pink.

Swatch in daylight in a single layer

The finish line, I think, slightly shiny, not matte. This can be considered a benefit to the photo, especially when there is an opportunity to correct the shoals, because the light-reflecting particles visually smooth out the bumps. Despite such observations on my part, in the description to set concealer matte finish (no), and Shine there, unless the titanium dioxide. In any case, the cream finish is too noticeable for me: I can see the texture and that it slightly stands out on the skin. I also see how that changes hue under the eyes at different angles of incidence of light, although my camera doesn’t transmit. Can compare with Concealer pencil MAC Studio Fix 24h, so he tightly brushed and doesn’t look any different depending on the tilt of the head.

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Feathered Swatch

Coating. From light to medium to full layering failed. Naturalness is everything. Pimples will not block, maybe they will tone it down. More suitable for the area under the eyes, it looks more organic, but still somewhat noticeable. However, when applied in a thin layer, such problems almost never arise.

Time for macro! Before you criticize, remember that macro nobody paints. Especially when there is no macrolens.

Before applying canceropole applying on dry skin without oils and extra whodat one eye has the concealer, under others no

Durability and comfort. We must pay tribute: stick absolutely comfortable on the skin almost imperceptible. Does not cause any irritation or allergies or dryness. Despite this, the product fits better on hydrated skin, and I suggest this not to neglect, especially if you have skin under the eyes is also dry.

But at the expense of comfort lose durability. In three of the five applications he would climb into creases after half an hour. This can be corrected, but it still is a minus. In rare cases, it is not rolled at all. Don’t know what is the reason, because I use the same cream for the skin around the eyes.

Full image (face primer+concealer+face powder)

Otherwise worn properly, may even last 8+ hours, although, unfortunately, not very much: once lasts until I wash it, when a little runs off after 5 hours. The result is not great, but not the worst. The same Too Faced Born This Way kept me much, much worse.

Full image

Summary. This is quite a good concealer, although it didn’t fit me 100%. Perhaps he would have liked me more if there is less Rosolini. About clogging in the folds: unfortunately, it happens more often than I would like, but I know people that have pleats are less pronounced and their skin nothing slips. Me: I can recall only one concealer that I can not roll back, but oxidized.

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Nudestix Skin Concealer Pencil Light 1

So, all in all, this is a competitive option for people with light skin, considering that the market is not so many suitable products. I will continue to search for your ideal concealer. Although, as they say, the best is the enemy of the good.

My rating: 4/5

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