NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadows No. 17 dressed to kill. Pigmentation, where are you?

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I bought odnushku NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadows in shade 17, just because I liked the shade. Reviews online a little bit, but I came to the conclusion that they are perfectly pigmented and without problems are transferred to the eyelid. A beautiful taupe – baklazhanovy play with a mixture of steel Swatch I just conquered.
Official promo:

Chameleonic shade, in natural light brown in it at all is not clear, but artificial or sunlight to reveal its full potential.

In General, I’m already anticipating what a cool mono – makeover will do for the evening, but problems arose with the selection brush. Shadows are very tightly compacted, their dryness and hardness, I even can not compare with it. All my brushes were not able to transfer them to the skin. It turns out some indistinct grey highlight, more like leaking ink. Yes there brush, I’m really not able to score.

The first satest in natural lighting ( held three times forcefully):

Artificial lighting, rubbed the lamp of Aladdin

Attempt to make a Swatch, artificial light:

For clarity, in the photo above, the shadows applied with a brush.
Now, note the full name of the shadows on the official website of the brand:

Pigmentation was not detected. One option when you need layering, not feather. I love the delicate colors, just a hint of color, but it’s overkill. Beauty eyes and makeup in General, they do not add. Looks like leaking ink or dirt, sloppy. Alluring modulations can only be observed in refile on the skin shadows look flat.
Eventually the shadows “paint”, so to speak. Be typed on the brush is easier, but the makeup look also flat, sparkle and iridescence are visible only when viewed at close range. From a normal distance they look like normal grey shadow.
The shade applied in three layers with a brush of natural cloth :

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The shadows applied a foam applicator

Artificial lighting:

The base was applied only once, but I didn’t like – the shadows refuse to spread out, lay down unevenly.
Roll three hours after application, forming the strip into the crease of the eyelid. Almost no fade, but the joy of this little. Perhaps I’m expecting too much, so the review turned out negative, but the shadows are really complex to use.

PS: after writing the draft I found that any reviews of the shadow applied with a damp brush, and duraliner on a substrate from a dark pencil or a dark base. Wet brush, apply tried, but brighter shadows look not steel.

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