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If you, like me, constantly in need of matting and fixation of the eye, you definitely need to read this post) ⬇

To powder NYX Mineral Matte Finishing Powder “Set It & Don’t Fret It” I didn’t lay much hope for a long time. So long that while she was lying in my sealed — the Knicks had a change of packaging))) But I checked, it’s still the same Mineral Finishing Powder ????

I have since the beginning of the heating season, fat has become not only the T zone as before, but the whole skin in General( in a couple of hours after applying make — begins to Shine. Plus we have a traditional cold time sensitivity and allergies. In the end, have the still picture(

Powder I use already couple of months and the opinion was formed is quite stable ????

  • Volume 8 GRS.;
  • The powder is loose. I’m not a fan of “rassypuha”, actually, so it spent me almost a year closed. My hands grew up not to crumbly textures))) But now I’ve gotten good at it. Cover tightly twisted, I’m not waking up. But I keep it only at home, not wear with them. The mesh in the package with wide enough “pores” could, frankly, make them narrower. But in General I usually do, just pour out a portion of powder into the lid and gather broad brush there.

  • The manufacturer promises us commit, plus a matting effect on the skin. What can I say — all true! ???? 1) Powder sets makeup and prolongs its firmness — even unstable for me tone-type Art-visage holding for about 3 hours longer. Given that the heating season is upon me “floats” a lot of Foundation or decreases the resistance of Pets — this powder is a great helper. 2) Matting — also certainly there. And it is quite noticeable. If in a situation of “powder” I can for day 4 lime oil blotting sheets (or even more ????), then powdered sugar one, maximum 2, if the day is very long. For me is great. 3) the Effect of smooth leather — exactly has) Powder blurit the skin, though, this shade is quite bright and maybe a little to whiten them, but if you don’t overdo it — it will not.
  • Composition: Silica, Talc, Dimethicone, Methylparaben Is, Propylparaben. No adverse effects on my skin did not notice (clogged pores, provoking dry or something).
  • Pigmentation: the powder is translucent, manopichetwattana, which is logical for its purpose), I always apply the powder with the same brush and densely Packed. Densely stuffed brushes have not tried it and don’t want to believe that veils they didn’t suit me. Therefore pigmentation (=easy wybielanie) I was notable, if only to overdo the amount of product.
  • Shade: I have the light 01 light medium. In my opinion suited to many girls. Mainly due to the fact that the powder monopigmental. In the line is even darker 02-tint.
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  • Disadvantage: find it difficult to call. For our purposes — a good product. Don’t like the crumbly texture, but that’s subjective))
  • Price: сейчас800 RUB on the website of the brand.
  • Rating: 5.

Swatch and the product itself. All photos — the light of day, different period of the day. The powder was applied with excess to get the effect, usually use less Powder ???? show only causing the tone on bare skin this is pointless.

Have restorefile dust on the hand is not visible at all) But I see a light blur)

On the face of a complete makeover, butwithout powder.


Launched a powder.

Have the effect of “whitening”, but, first- the photo from a distance is barely visible. Secondly, the powder deposited in excess, in order that the camera caught the blur)

When applied in a normal “dose” I am clear of the whitening did not notice.


Collage comparison.General view from the powder.

And here notice how the camera caught the glare)) is Not worth it to overdo it)

Used this powder to a new or old version? Do you like it?

Can you compare it with their favorite (and not super-shiny!))) meteorites Pearls Birthday Candle, about which I wrote here — the blur effect is very similar, although meteorites it is more visible and can be… “expensive” or what looks like)), However, the meteorites yet put aside: unfortunately, they don’t give me the extension, fixing and opaque as a powder from NYX ???? Until I use it with pleasure.

*** Anya.

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