NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 14 Zurich, 25, Budapest, Rome 32, 38 Toulouse, 56 Shanghai

Today I want to tell you about a very popular range of lipsticks Soft Matte Lip Cream brand of professional cosmetics NYX Professional Make Up. To date, my collection of 5 lipsticks. The line itself is very diverse, has more than 40 shades. This year we expanded, released sudovye colors, 2 of which I show you in my review!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 14 Zurich, 56 Shanghai, 38 Toulouse, 32 Rome, Budapest 25.

The design of the lipsticks as simple — colorful packaging similar to shade, matte cover. Twisted tightly, there is a lipstick applicator.

It is very convenient to draw the outline, you can do it without the help of a pencil “on the run”.

Basic information:

Made in China

A volume of 8 ml

Shelf life: 18 months

Lipstick named after cities, so remember they are very simple. They have a very interesting texture, reminiscent of a souffle. Nice creamy texture, which gradually dries up and becomes dull. Bright lipstick has a pleasant fruity aroma, which is felt when applied.

Time to move on toshotcam and full images!

Shade 14 Zurich — Zurich. Very beautiful soft Nude with peachy-pink hint.

Fits well in a single layer completely covers the native lip color.

Choose this color for a daily look, but where you need to focus on the lips.

Let’s move on to the next shade:

Shade 56 Shanghai — Shanghai — new. Similar to Zurich, but brighter, more of a dusty pink, slightly muted shade Cannes. The choice between the two was very difficult.

Easy application also in a single layer.

For me, this shade requires eye makeup, I feel uncomfortable.

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The next shade is also a novelty in 2018, 38 Toulouse — Toulouse.

In my opinion, this is one of the most interesting shades. In the photo it’s brownish-purple, it’s the perfect Nude.

On the lips it is a cold shade that many are looking for, we suggest you to look at it;)

I use this shade more often than the others. Could not resist and bought him a pencil in a tone that can be used independently.

Next, get acquainted with the shade 32 Rome — Rome:

On my light skin reveals also very interesting, with a red undertone in the skin is darker — looks by sudovym. Also suggest you to try it, very versatile.

I call this shade “Nude dark”.

I love this shade! I use it both with makeup and without, because it refreshes the image. Tried to find equivalents in other brands, but to no avail.

The review closes with a shade of 25 Budapest — Budapest.

The darkest shade from my collection, the autumn with the brown-red shade.

This shade is the most harmful of all, may plesioth, so it must be layered to the desired density. Fortunately no problem with this.

Great shade for autumn or exit when you want something ripe and juicy on the lips.

All lipsticks perfectly and just applied with an applicator, but everything is dark because its texture is very harmful and bald. I would recommend not. Coating density is also dependent on the use of lipsticks, over time, they become completely weightless, “tentovye”. The first time the lipstick is very comfortable to wear, but after a few hours begins to dry lips, so before applying, in 20 minutes, use a balm. Peeling stresses and all the bumps on the lips.

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Vitality lipstick — 5-6 hours, after already starting off the center of the lips. Will not survive even a Cup of coffee will have to do.

Line Soft Matte Lip Cream blew up the Internet, and glorified brand NYX, Yes it has its features, but sudovye shades — a great option to explore the range and find your favorites.

Cost — 600 RUB, some of the shades I got with a 50% discount.

600₽цена6/10оценка12 months, 4P/nudeleisaibens

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