NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Amsterdam 01. My little Christmas tradition

Cristmas ideas

In my new year makeover one little tradition for the fourth year I will paint red lips. And it is to this lipstick stretched hand in the past two years. Let’s look at this beauty ))

Packing: with your permission, I will not dwell long on the description. Closes securely, the finest sponge is the only lipstick in the collection that I put no extra brush. Great dispenser, the product provides exactly what is required.

Texture: light mousse with a sweet candy smell, which disappears after about 20 minutes. Hardens in about 3 minutes completely, there is time to correct the flaws. On the official website the shade is described as red-orange, partly agree, but depending on the makeup sometimes for some reason I see something crimson honestly, I’m not color blind

The result: the Pigmentation is great, one layer of lipstick goes perfectly, the second layer can only spoil the picture. Intact coverage lasts about 4 hours, and then begins to dry up and disappear from the junction of the lips. Can withstand a Cup of tea, but a full meal — definitely not. While tinting the lips is not an option, the layer may lie not very careful, it is better to remove all the coating. By the way, the flushing — well removed micellar water and hydrophilic oil. Can dry mucous membranes. Weak peeling does not highlight, but the strong will fall sloppy, I guess. She was already past her shelf life, but it hasn’t changed in qualities, not frozen, and continues to delight me.

I am happy with this lipstick, love it for ease of application, flawless look on the lips, in General it is not capricious, without problems, it is not simply a classic shade of red, and a little “relaxed” option. In this new year’s eve she had to be with me.

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Use life: 2 years

Price: 600 RUB

Rating: 5/5

My name is Sasha and I would love to hear what Christmas traditions so you have, and what shades of Soft Matte Lip Cream is worth a look!

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