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Hello everybody! If someone was waiting for a comparative Swatch for NYX matte lipstick, they’re here! As a new resident beauticians, and we have plenty to talk about.

Say, there will be no shade Cannes. I’ve been looking for it and remembered that I threw out in a fit of rage because clearly a peach shade, while on other girls it is inconceivable beautiful. Therefore, in this post Kolokolnya Nude. Some bought second and even third time! And it will agree, an application for the favorite!

Toulouse. It’s a cross between dusty rose Rome and cocoa with milk Los Angeles. Belongs to the category of shades, when you do not want to think. Makeup and walked with a confident smile Miss World. Will fit almost any makeup, clothes, mood, time of the year. Perhaps with Frank dark tan does not look too cold. But warm I do not like, and therefore took. Another caveat — each girl lipstick looks different. The word “all”. Therefore, it is better to try once for yourself, or view more swatches when buying blind.

Sponge comfortable soft, round, packaging very good, with rubberized cap. A volume of 8 ml Seems to be a lot, but I go through them like crazy! The aroma of creamy ice cream unchanged.

Here everything is beautiful: price, volume, ease of application, durability, no drying of the lips, the hair does not stick, lots of colors for every taste.

On the lips without a pencil.

Then I allowed myself to give a definition using MAC Stone — I guess not everyone will like, but I sometimes do go)

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And compare with other shades that are my favorites:

Rating: 5+I love

Price: about 600 rubles.

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