Ofra X NikkieTutorials Highlighter in shade # Cloud 9


Long time I haven’t had time to write this post, because it was difficult to choose and find the very words to describe and emphasize the beauty and elegance of highlighter Ofra in collaboration with Nikkie Tutorials. In fact, as often happens, words are just unnecessary, when the photos speak for themselves.

So, we will talk about the highlighter American brand Ofra, which was created in collaboration with Nikkie Tutorials. I’m sure that there are no such people who do not know about Nikkie and its activities, therefore, not to be distracted by facts which are so well-known, offer to get acquainted with the hero of the post.

The appearance of the highlighter against the background of such simplicity and brevity, seems somehow unnatural and even misleading, and want to turn it around and consider it from all sides, in order not to miss important and vivid detail.

But, no – nothing like that you will not find the case really is made of plain white and very durable opaque plastic. After numerous uses, it does not lose its white appearance, few letters are not erased, and the overall appearance remains neat and tidy.

The lid opens effortlessly (but self-discovery is simply not possible) and full 180 degrees. The closing mechanism is very smooth and soft, like rose palette from TF. Inside also there is a very handy mirror, which was protected by tape. Brush not included.

The volume of the product has 10 grams of talc in the composition of no, which can not but rejoice.

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Highlighter has fine grinding, has a silky texture, which even seems a little gel, he tightly compacted, but may be a little dust, but the packaging does not stain.

Due to such soft and delicate texture, it is possible to create zapolirovat and if a wet effect. The highlighter is very susceptible to feathering, it does not emphasize texture and skin texture, it is possible to layer without fear with him overdo it. He’s not Petit, no flaking, no streak formation and boundaries of the transition – he’s just easy to use that even a beginner will cope with it.

Cloud 9

Feel free to apply, as for powdered and on a purely tonal basis – problems with the feather that any other case arises, the finish does not change.


Ah, this multifaceted hue Cloud 9, which put me off at first presence, it seemed to me, a green pigment, and I almost went over to the Space Baby, but the internal intuition, I took away from this cool shade. So, in the life of hue Cloud 9 is just heavenly beauty ukrany rose gold shade that when different types of lighting can give both cold and warm glow.

in the sun # Cloud 9in the sun # Cloud 9natural light # Cloud 9

It consists of numerous and beautiful, flat and weightless glittering particles, but none of them will stand out on the skin in the form of sequins. Even in artificial light, the particles look very delicately and carefully.


The shade is very pigmented, but on the skin it looks very gently and subtly, depending on the degree of intensity of application, it is possible to create active and multi-faceted reflections, but, again, overdo it and look too bright with it will not work.

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Cloud 9

All are for such purposes is Becca and Anastasia. The shade is so versatile that it can be applied even in the shadows, even on top of lip glosses / lipsticks.


The highlighter I use on almost a daily basis, he just can’t do much for me, so the hand and reaches for it. Wear it boldly with fluorescent makeup and due to such thin and delicate shade, it does not look like something foreign and strange.

He’s stuck with me all day, not lubricated, not eaten, not into a single sequin.


In this unit, I usually am getting results on the product, but now, more than ever, I want to omit, because, as already described in the Preface — words are just unnecessary …

Period of use: 2 months.

Cost: 2 380 rubles with the discount, full price 3 456 rubles.

Rating: 10/10.

Thank you for your attention 🤗

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