Oil perfumes from Heia Scandinavisk: Only the smell of the Moors blows in these parts

Hello! Let me introduce myself — my name is Svetlana and this is my first post and I would like to dedicate a very interesting perfume discovery of distant Scandinavia.

Last year I came across an article about the release of a new flavor, from the reading of which I lost peace and all the crook in a month I had this perfume!

Just what am I so hooked?
The fragrance from Danish brand Scandinavisk is part of a trilogy of fragrances — Rosenhave, Heia and Lysning. They are all made in the format of perfume oil, which is extremely unusual for European perfume, but later we will understand that it’s the right option for philosophy Scandinavisk.

To create a perfume line the company has introduced home fragrance, soap and aromatic candles. Scandinavisk is the Scandinavian way of life, where harmony with nature is more valuable urban race for time where family and home is more important than work. The Scandinavians are proud of their harsh but beautiful nature, which houses their soul.

The design of the packaging and the movie is minimalistic. Additional decoration is not required, all the most beautiful — on the inside. A simple white box which is decorated with three-dimensional geometric patterns and a small landscape image.

The aroma is enclosed in a glass roller with a volume of 8 ml.

Notes of the fragrance consist of Heather, thyme, bearberry, and the milky juice of the leaves

Unfortunately, I don’t know the smell of Heather or bearberry separately, but all together it smells like the spicy spring greens, cold, which only made it out of the snow and ice. The smell of the awakening of spring forest, when the first scarce plants and flowers punched from the melting ice prison.

“Moorland (Heia), a deaf dal, the pristine nature, the balm, treating the soul. Rough, windswept land in the highlands of Norway and Sweden became home to the hardiest of shrubs, wild herbs and berries, and fragrant Heather”

I put perfume on the wrist, the palm, the hollow of the neck. Overdose will not, unlike Arabic perfumes these perfumes do not enhance the sound by increasing the temperature.

The resistance they have is average, 3-4 hours. Plume no. They do not shout about themselves. But I am as though in a cocoon of flavor. And feel it can only those who violate my personal space.

The scent is really natural, soothing. Its time — spring and cool summer. The Scandinavians did the right thing, making perfume without alcohol — nothing should distract from the feeling that you are in the middle of the Moors, and then the stones, the bushes and no one around for miles!

Group fragrances — green
Made in Denmark
Retail price — 35 euros.
Use time — six months

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