Oil, water and that is why your skin constantly wants something: a guide to hydration

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Certainly the problem of moisture already touched everyone who ever thought about skin care seriously. It will never be enough if you study your own face, it needs. Moreover, if to choose care, just looking at the naturalness of composition and the words “for dry skin”. So today I set myself a goal to write a brief “guide to hydration”, which I hope will be helpful.

Want to look into the matter? Ask a cat.

Let’s start with the main!

Types of dry skin

Dried. No protective lipid barrier, causing moisture if there is, it disappears at the speed of sound. Lack of oil and water. Symptoms: peeling, dermatitis, poor skin turgor, thinning of the skin, burning at the slightest stimuli, pigmentation, wrinkles appear when they are small and not very deep, but they are often immediately a lot in the first steps easily evaporate. Requires in-care, such as moisturizing toner oil-free serum with vitamin C at night, with hyaluronic acid in the morning, then cream with collagen That is many layers of water care, cream and possibly butter.

Obezvojennaya — good turgor, no peeling, pores can be seen and even enlarged, but the skin is very prone to large and small mimic wrinkles, in the summer can sometimes thick (but not too). Matting tools eliminates Shine without any difficulty. Of course, if you don’t go to the Bazaar to +35. Dehydration is often expressed in dry weather and squarenose in dry areas, however, both are easily cleaned for a couple of days of good moisture, if the skin is young and has no other problems. Important this skin is not pereputat not to cause expansion of the pores and the deterioration of the penetration care.

Obezvojennaya fat (aka the “oily-dry”) — the most difficult type. Most often, oily skin becomes dehydrated when acne, enlarged pores and excessive Shine clean zinc alcohol and lack of care when improper washing. You can recognize easily raised when to and when not fat, peeling, tightness. The main principle is to establish washing regularly and efficiently moisturize the skin.

Have you decided which type you have? Congratulations! Now, please go ahead and read what you need your skin to moisturize.

Note: I give examples mostly from the Korean budget cosmetics, but you can choose any of similar composition and properties. Many of these tools I have served, so I’m going to the generality of the picture to insert promophoto from the official websites.

Dried skin

That it is necessary:

1. Tonics, with a small amount of AHA (0.2-2%) — refreshing, improve absorbency.

Apieu Aqua peeling 1% AHA-BHA toner — very liquid, easily absorbed, non-irritating and greatly increases the moisturizing quality of subsequent layers

2. Tonics collagen and oils — perfect for winter

Mizon Collagen power lifting tonerthick and gel. One of them is easy on the ears to nourish the skin for a couple of hours.

3. Serum with any appropriate AK (active components), which we will examine later, it is better if the texture is thick, but water. It is necessary to fix the cream, emulsion or fluid.

Tony Moly first essence 2X light — transparent, blue bubbles. Moisturizes, but miracles are not doing. A huge amount for peanuts.

Skin79 10000 Barrier set up serum is thing expensive, really seriously reduces skin reactivity. And a very beautiful bottle)

4. Nourishing creams and/or emulsions are the aqueous and oily phases. Always check that in the first place was wild raspberries, water assets or water phase, and only then oil, even in large enough concentrations. Well look in the reviews that the texture was despite the nutritional value is not much Batterien, but rather elastically fluffy, not greasy and not watery, but just Muscovy. And beware of Dimethicone. The mechanism is as follows: water absorbs easily and firmly emulsified mixture makes soak and oil.

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Holika Holika Skin and good cera super cream original — sooo cool, especially after peels. The most nourishing my cream.

5. Oils-serums — use after toners, serums, emulsions, creams and any other layers. Should consist of light oils like rice bran oil. Used most often in winter, when skin is in particular need of strengthening the lipid layer. Imprinted his hands in the face of small quantities. Enough two drops for one application.

Mizon The pure argan essential wrapping oil is a nice oil. Sometimes without the cream under baking paint.

6. Gentle skutki — a few applications, clean peeling, no thinning of the dermis. It is desirable to use after a month of active use of nourishing creams and oils.

Esfolio 2step multi bubble & peeling cleanser is amazing. First makes foam massage, and then turns into the bedroll. The effect is not worse feeling)

7. Light hyaluronic creams — a means of first necessity. Moisturizes and gently protects the skin. It is their need to first put into care. No Dimethicone in the first place for the illusion of lightness.

Elizavecca hyaluronic acid Aqua water drop cream — a nice and well very fluffy as a cloud) copes With the task on hurrah.

8. The night masks do not give the result immediately, but support well-hydrated, and sometimes solve some problems.

Holika Holika red wine therapy sleeping mask — yeah, it’s my main beauty tip for moisture and beauty skin drink every night before bed, a couple of tablespoons of red wine. And of course I about the wine and beauty — this wonderful mask. And spoon set.

Remedies for dried skin

Obezvojennaya skin

What you have to have:

1. Tonics and toners: light of the hydrolat. Winter can be more nutritious collagen.

Fresh Secret key milk toner — very gentle and soothing

Mizon Collagen power lifting toner — chic, and I mentioned

2. A special serum is lighter than the first type. Will be good to help drip hyaluronic. In times of stress, travel, sickness, it is best to use the ones I recommended the item for dried skin, but not on a permanent basis.

Mizon Hyaluronic acid 100 water, enough two drops to wet skin.

Seantree hyaluron ampoule 100 — analogue of the higher price, but with faster effect.

3. Watery hyaluronic creams and/or emulsions with urea and Nuf — excellent supply the skin with moisture and gently supported barriers. Great would be if they will contain azulene.

Secret key Hyaluron Aqua micro-peel cream — a light cream without miracles. Neutral and very daily

Seantree Donkey milk water drop cream — donkey Milota, and moisturizes perfectly. Cream in the hands of the melts in water. The skin becomes smooth and flatten the pores.

Ducky Hyaluronic cream — cream Odessa manufacturer. I love it even struggles with artful sensitivity. The composition also leaves the most positive impression.

4. Tissue mask — great Express and prolonged tool if created specifically for this type of skin. The main rule — do not rinse. And mask, you can choose any. Particularly steep hydrogel.

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5. Daily moisturizing mask — help urgently to fill your inventory. It is advisable to apply the serum.

The saem Natural mask daily original rose — just the skin turns into a solid glowing silk. Suitable for very dried skin. Inside the floating pieces of roses)

The saem Cleome relining dual mask wash off — luxurious cleansing and moisturizing multimarca. Perfect for Combi skin.

Ducky “Morning freshness” — also thanks — logiczna, unless of course you are not afraid of mint. Use every morning

6. Multicredit — sometimes you can use, if there is no time.

Green pharm cosmetics Regenerating fluid is sometimes possible to apply on the run. Daily care is no substitute. Recommend less to apply to such funds.

Remedies for dehydrated skin

Dehydrated oily skin

What you have to have:

1. Toner — the perfect acidic. Gives further care of oily skin, improves the situation with the rash. Such a toner can not afford sometimes and normal skin.

Mizon AHA BHA daily clean toner — great fights with the lesions

2. Serum — concentrated as possible to acne and oiliness and hydration. Desirable liquid texture.

Elizavecca piggy hell Witch pore control hyaluronic acid 97% If you feel that you moisturize enough, you can to the day care, adding just a little cream..

3. Acid peels (if skin is not sensitive) to enhance the penetration means and polished texture.

Apieu Aqua peeling cotton swab intensive — a huge cotton stick in the package, which is just at the root, will destroy any rashes. It is huge, because the stick.

Mizon AHA 8% peeling serum is the same, but less powerful.

4. Cremo-gels, gels or light creams — perform the entire function of moisture. In winter and autumn it is better to use creams. Pay attention to what they are best applied on slightly damp skin. Examples:

MIZON Hyaluronic ultra suboon cream — with a lightweight moisturizer! Not sticky and makes the cheeks elastic like balloons)

The skin house aloe soothing vitamin gel — cream for the summer. Swim in it lots of bubbles and generally nice and helpful.

Secret key snail repairing cream — my first Korean cream. Love. Narrow pores, the skin is plumped and hydrated, not sticky, and it is practically fat-free.

Secret key snail repairing gel cream — more tender and creamy counterpart. Good only for not very much dehydrated skin — I moisturize not enough for the drop. Sure, the typical representatives of fatty skin without dehydration will love.

Means for dehydrated oily skin

I hope you now understand what textures need to your skin, and can be found a couple of skin hotelok? I hope this will help you, but not the end.

Let’s examine the most popular components of moisturizers: what to look for in the compositions, and that often it is better to avoid?

The most useful and necessary

Hyaluronic acid is excellent ingredient for all skin types. Perfect if it is combined with extracts, natural hydrolate, vitamins. After all, the essence of hyaluronic acid to make skin all the components, especially those related to the water phase. So just water in the first place to care for her too moist, but works best with assets.

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Vitamin C in form of L — fairly stable form of the vitamin. It is better that the tool was less other components, particularly oils. Especially friends combined “vitamin C + Allantoin + hyaluronic acid + wild raspberries + preservative”. Minimizes pore size, revitalizes the skin, reduces sensitivity, and strengthens the capillaries. It is better not to use a skin with excessive sebum. And another ban — day to apply the serum and cream with vitamin C impossible.

Caffeine is another item that is best friends with himself. It is ideal to use course. Addresses hotels and smooths the skin, can tighten drooping eyelids a couple of millimeters. Is perfect dry skin.

Glycerin is one of the most controversial elements, but criticize him absolutely nothing. Able to overdry the skin only in one case — the air around you bone dry while you apply glycerin to dry skin, pure and simple. In other cases — everything is fine and you can not fear. Workhorse, though hilaron and running faster. Let’s analyze in detail its pros and cons, so what about glycerin there is a lot of myths and fears.

Takes moisture from the air
Great in the misty
Improves balance formula
Helps extend the life of the serums with vitamin C
Ideal in combination with hyaluronidase degrade the moisture, if the air is very dry.
Sometimes, it impairs the ability of the surfactant to foam.

Vitamin B3 Niacinamide — brightens, eliminates irritation and dryness. Very quickly rashes (not chronic acne, of course). Very friendly component can miksowania with everything and get any skin. Works best on the type of “oily-dry”.

Miroslawa Tripeptides — relax the muscles and work against expression wrinkles. Component of course is good, but will not help everyone. For parched skin with its fine lines it is undeniably useful at the initial stage, but in the case of dehydrated and deep creases — no, it is better to act massage and peels. And

is advice for everyone — stop wrinkle the forehead.

The hydrolysate kelp is an indispensable source of plant collagen. What that really is embedded in our fragile collagen mesh, trying to keep the skin moist and supple.

Useless and harmful

Biozole him, was the most useful part is the solvent. It is inert in relation to the skin. Therefore, it can be used is that the role of the scrub) Although I think a chemical peel would be more effective) And biosole very allergenicity.

Alcohol — by itself. Especially the note written on. Never buy starters Holika Holika. I was shocked when I saw the alcohol on the second place.

Salicylic alcohol salicylic acid itself, which is a good way to do the peeling. Of course, if she’s in the part of well-balanced means. But salicylic alcohol plays a major role the first word — alcohol. Before you feel the effects have to burn your skin that, unfortunately, not an option. Avoid using this element in the care and tools to deal with the peeling. Of course, salicylic acid is not concerned.

Limonen — safe and seemingly innocuous flavoring. In fact irritate the skin, provoke rosacea and allergies.

Now our conversation and came to an end. I tried to sum up all that have helped me to get out from the “dry skin” in a direction relative to normal. I hope all this is useful to you.

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