Oily hair: causes and proper care

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The owners of oily hair problems. But there are simple ways that will help to cope with them.

Oily hair are often the result of oily skin, hormonal conditions or disorders, but also this problem may be related to other things – care and lifestyle. For example, this effect can give hormonal contraceptives, stress, poor diet and a bad choice of means on care of hair.

If you have oily hair, the most important thing is to choose funds. You can buy shampoos for daily use. It is best if the shampoo will not be oils and silicones – they are designed for thin and dry hair, and this is not the case. For styling, try to use lighter means, try different and you will know what fits best. We will not hide – for oily hair is difficult to find cosmetics and you better understand the most what funds are like.

By the way, to wash oily hair is best warm or cool water – hot or cold contribute to the activation of sebaceous glands. When washing, gently massage the scalp and drying it is not necessary to RUB your skin with a towel. Do not apply shampoo and conditioner on the roots after every wash. You are often better to use these funds for tips, and only occasionally applied to the roots.

If oily hair you are very concerned, purchase a dry shampoo. It will help you at any time allow your hair when you can not wash hair. In addition, dry shampoo will help you to increase the frequency of wash, if needed.

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