Old, ornery friend of mine. Clarins Blush Prodige in tender shade 02

In the summer I was between two fires — on the one hand struck me the shade of blush Artdeco Blusher 08A romantic rose, with another texture previously purchased Clarins Blush Prodige. I’d like to merge them into a single product, I thought. Fortunately, Clarins did everything for me.

Red cardboard crust, red velvet cover, gold hard case — as I like the aesthetics of this brand! However, when making such a formal, yet concise, the content has no margin for error.

Brush with a natural bristle brush in the kit.

As Blush Prodige I didn’t hesitate for a second. Just a little blush’s pumped resistance — no more than 6 hours on normal/dry skin — but this is easily solved by applying as a base product with a creamy texture.

The colors were chosen with the condition that I could use this blush every day — today, while the skin has not left the summer sun, and closer to winter, when the sun left alone memories.

Shade 02is a mix of gentle peach rather neutral in temperature, and a cheerful coral hue — a bright, almost neon. The Duo generously laced with Golden shimmer, quite delicate and more visible in refile than in makeup.

In the shadepartial Shade To bright sun

When mixing the color bleached slightly tanned skin, pale — add the freshness of, drawing a rested look.

Shades alongShades together

Blush spressovannyh tightly, almost no dust when you set brush. Consumption is minimal. Layered with ease, the intensity of the hues of life! can be varied. And certainly do not be afraid to overdo them — the blush shade is also great!

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The composition for those who understand.

I used the 02 shade in the recently demonstrated age makeup, and I’ll show you myself.

Without a blushMixed both colors, easy application without layeringMore dense coating coral soloMore dense coating coral solo

In short, the blush is beautiful, as they are no applied. To tan without recommend!

Price: 2 650 without discounts

Rating: 5

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