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Lovers fragrances offer a bit of fun and share experiences from our olfactory journeys. After spending most of his life not in the home country (unfortunately), I accumulated some experience olfactory experiences. And let’s start with Cyprus…

I am very fond of this island. I haven’t lived in it over the years. He became a part of my life in the most difficult periods of its ancient nature, the harshness of the arid climate, special dense aromas floating in the air and a slow, smooth time always great healed heart and soul. I spent the winter months were unbearable in the spring and hot summer and mild autumn, and always loved him with all my heart. We always become calmer and healthier, to stand before the face of the eternal and great nature in Cyprus can feel it with every cell.

Perhaps, despite the beautiful sea and the eternally blue sky, Cyprus is a very harsh island. The sun dries the plants, kindles the air, depriving the soil of moisture so important in the summer. Winter winds are cold and the rebellion, and the old mountains inhospitable, stormy or snowy and inaccessible. Rain — a rare visitor to Cyprus, Yes there is rain! The clouds rarely cover the sun and break the blue of the sky, but the sun, this eternal companion of the island, aggressive and angry.
They say that once Cyprus was covered with forests but now woodland is not so much — they survived only in mountainous areas. In the summer, for a beginner Cyprus looks like a Botanical desert, however, in the Troodos mountains you can meet and wild flowers and aromatic herbs all year round support olfactory profile of the island.
Regardless of the season, Cyprus is incredibly fragrant. It is filled with aromas of flowers and citrus. Poisonous oleanders and Jasmine stephanotis tea complemented by notes of Sambuca fill the air with delicate aroma of purity, spring, hanging in the air, Datura, Mimosa (that is, all the acacia trees). The bright citrus smell: leaves, fruits, fallen broken mandarins and oranges, razrushatsya on the sidewalk juice, the flowers of these beautiful trees. All this diversity is diluted sea air filled with thick scent of salt and iodine. This mineral note, annoying in everyday life, brings beauty and depth to floral scents. The air is always warmed by the sun, the saltiness of the air is not barbed, and enveloping, akin to the inhalation… This idyll is complemented by the thick scent of the mountains — the Myrtle, which here are very much atypical dry lavender, sun-warmed cypress, castor trees, Laurel, vervain, sage, oregano, rosemary develop in the inimitable spicy-spicy cocktail. Cyprus smells of incense and a field at sunset, the sea and the algae on the sunrise and the day is filled with aromas of Jasmine and citrus.

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All this magnificence lies perfectly collected “database” consisting of dry warm aromas of dusty earth, dry rough of moss, parched summer grass with light notes of minerality coming from the dark volcanic sand dampened with sea water.
No wonder so fragrant island struck imagination and moved him to the birth of a mixed group of fragrances called “shipovye”. About this group I would like to write separately, as being for me, frankly recognizable and obvious, this group of fragrances causes a lot of issues for some users.
The story of the creation of chypre scents you all, I’m sure you know well. I just want to reiterate the shape of its representatives. We’ve learned that the presence of bergamot, patchouli and oak moss in the composition of flavors defines the thorns as a category, however, is not entirely true. All the famous five and the Chanel contains oakmoss and bergamot, but spike, in General, is not. Because SIPRI got their sound from the aroma of the island of Cyprus, where lightness and minerality of the sea breeze and iodine in the air, semlitsch dusty soil is bound in a single bouquet resins of cypress, Myrtle and incense (Lavandula). So you should always focus on the sound. Real code — caustic, sharp as needles of pine, like the bubbles in champagne; tart earthy and filled with savory, thick resins… to Simplify — the songs that we relate to cipram we are looking for that edge and cold edge, which gives it a combination of bergamot (air, sweet and spicy coolness), semlitsch oakmoss ( now often replaced by the combination of patchouli and vetiver), as well as mandatory resin — labangan on the classics, or Myrtle, opoponax, camphor resin, performs the same function of communication between the “air” and “earth” in flavor. But still — focus on your sense of smell. Classic SIPRI that you can confidently identify with the aroma of this beautiful island — Clinique Aromatics Elixir, Paloma Picasso, Bottega Veneta eau de parfume and many others. I deliberately did not mention Mitsouko, Epress and other fruit SIPRI because real ciprovit sound can only boast simple, clean members of the group. Modern — call Chyprissime Thierry Mugler, l’eau Chloe, Gucci Guilty femme Absolute pro. Modern SIPRI no longer have the depth and complexity of perception. They are clean and sparkling as snow in the mountains, as mountain air, and, of course, is no less beautiful.
For me personally, the most vivid embodiment of olfactoria Islands became a fragrance from L’occitane Notre Flore Myrte is a rare beauty, the aroma, gathered the scents of this extraordinary island.

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Caustic, sharp, like no other… the Aroma of dried herbs and incense, Myrtle, thyme, sun and salt CHETRA. Aroma of druidess and fauns living in the old forests of the mountains

Aroma notes: Myrtle, patchouli, blueberry, citrus, orange leaves

Established in 2007 as women’s fragrance, in my opinion, unisex

Spirits are sold in Cyprus but not in active use. Yes and no the most popular is a product in the country, which itself is fragrant like a perfume with a great past in the past. I’ve seen a lot of suites, standard for all countries, a lot of old editions, or not sold, or continues to be produced for Europe. In the shops of popular rose and lavender water, rose water — all fetish: it is prepared, it is used in cosmetics and scenting rooms. Pharmacies popular official stands with replicas of flavors, emblazoned on a conspicuous place, bottles are not a penny, but bought well enough. The sound are similar to the original, but primitive-aggressive.

Girls and women in public places flavors are thick, dense sweet gourmand perfume that sound unpleasant and alien. For me. But it’s possible that they just like Cyprus is by its nature devoid of sweetness and gourmand aromas, so characteristic caramel-sugar perfume for women — pleasant variety.
In his usual Moscow life, I love and actively carry shipovye composition. I never identify them with the island consciously. However, in the days of using shiprow I usually serene and tranquil, and in this, I’m sure the merit of flavors. Wear SIPRI, try and listen — and they reveal their secret — the mystery of the meditative beauty of distant Islands.

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