On October 23-24 in Moscow for specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine Congress InterCHARM Med

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For specialists in aesthetic medicine October 23-24, within the framework of the 25th anniversary exhibition InterCHARM Congress InterCHARM Med, program which is developed by practicing experts and is addressed to doctors-cosmetologists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons who are interested in the answers to the most complex and topical issues of injection and therapeutic cosmetology. Venue: Moscow, Crocus Expo, hall 13, pavilion 3.

On the first day the experts will review the General issues and complications after the introduction of conditionally degraded drugs. PhD dermatologist, cosmetologist, oncodermatology, inviter and a world-class medical Advisor of JSC “NPO “Microgen” Stella Raycheva will conduct expert analysis of medical errors, namely, ptosis of the upper eyelid after cosmetic botulinum. Next certified trainer in the methods of use of thread VS-line and dermatologist with experience in cosmetology for 18 years Julia Leshcheva will talk about the prevention of complications and adverse events strand therapy of age-related changes of the face: the basics of safety and effectiveness of the schemes of implant threads, the differences of adverse events due to complications, and methods of correction and treatment. Algorithms of actions of the doctor in a situation of “patient extremism” will illuminate Cand. the course of studies. Sciences, trainer of professional communication and stress management and lecturer of the Academy of Medical Education (VIB) Igor Spivak, legal security will affect the General Director of “Faculty of Medical Law” and the legal counsel on medical law of the Academy of Medical Education Pauline Gabay.

Among other topics: General issues of anatomy in cosmetic practice, a surgeon’s view of what manipulation is dangerous to do blepharoplasty the periorbital region, the benefits, possible complications and treatment tactics of polylactic acid, cholesteremia, drugs for weight loss and why lipolytics are not working.

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The next day the main topic for discussion will be complications after the administration of hyaluronic acid: the most common complications, connective tissue dysplasia as a cause of premature aging, complications after injection contour plastics, Loss of vision in the background of cosmetic procedures with the use of a filer based on hyaluronic acid, treatment of iatrogenic lymphedema.

Among the speakers: PhD, doctor of the highest category in cosmetology, SEI IN “igma” of Minzdrav of Russia, President of the Association “Section of aesthetic medicine”, Chief specialist on the profile of cosmetology of Ministry of health UR Natalya Bychkova, ophthalmic surgeon, histologist, member of IMA, ESCRS, SMCAHE, Rus-LASA Svetlana First.

To attend the event, the ticket category PRO.

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