On Stage Diorshow Liner in shade Matte Rusty 876

This summer, Dior released a collection of colorful eyeliners that caught my attention. The manufacturer says that they were inspired by professional makeup artists secrets runway, and On Stage Diorshow Liner — liner for those who want to make your own makeup creative.This new liquid eyeliner allows an easy movement to create a perfect line and successfully reproduce images from the latest Dior shows. The felt applicator Dior in the form of a token allows a streamlined shape vividly and clearly to emphasize the lash line. Its unique flexibility allows you to paint with the precision of a professional makeup artist and create a thin and intense line. Resistant formula retains color and effects from the moment of application.

Not blurring the line water-resistant can withstand up to 24 hours without smudging, highlighting the expressiveness of the eyes.

I chose a beautiful Burgundy-plum Matte shade Rusty. Because the connections I use very rarely, and mostly black colors, the more interesting it was to try something new.

The liner features a thin felt tip which is very easy to draw a delicate line and bring the tip of the arrow.

The texture is very liquid, which allows it to layer until desired intensity of color. The finish is matte.

Further interesting when zatista in the store, the liner was spread out on the hand that swatches, but when applied on the eyes, this is not happening. How to explain it, I don’t know, because when I saw it in the store, was overcome by doubts, which, however, proved groundless.

The liner held up fine in the heat, without amendment, from morning till evening. Even though imprinted ink, and roll up the shade. Will not crack or smear.

Rinse the usual means for removing makeup (hand washed even with plain water, although the manufacturer claims that it is waterproof), you can do without two-phase fluid.

My impression is a quality eyeliner, interesting and unpredictable color. I doubt I would have bought it in the black shade, with such a variety of products on the market.

But still — like and desire at least to try a Pearly shade of bronze.

Price: about 2000 RUB.

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