Online marketing plays a crucial role in the quarantine


The uncertainty caused by the new pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19), emphasizes the importance of digital marketing for cosmetic companies. This was stated by the company Appier, a startup that develops solutions based on artificial intelligence technology (AI), intended mainly for marketing companies seeking to increase your indication of the value of the customer lifecycle.

Currently the company represents several brands of cosmetics and personal care products. Most recently, she collaborated with John Masters Organics in Japan, through its development AIQUA, a platform of interaction with customers, allowing the brand to help improve the quality of customer service.

Magik Tu, senior Vice President Appier, said that the effects of the pandemic have forced companies to evaluate their online efforts: “the situation with the virus has pushed people lagging behind in terms of the Internet, increase their digital footprint”.

After the outbreak COVID-19 Appier watched that cosmetic companies no longer have to rely on their digital platforms to connect with consumers. Mr. Tu said that in the current environment people are spending more online, creating new opportunities for brands to interact with their customers via the Internet. “We can’t deny that COVID-19 is a huge newsworthy. That’s why many people talk about it, go to the Internet to find out more and buy products to protect themselves. This situation gave a unique opportunity for brands in sectors such as health, cosmetics, Wellness and medical products, to increase the number of conversions”. Recall that the conversion is the ratio of the number of site visitors who performed any of the target action (purchase) to the total number of website visitors, expressed as a percentage.

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At the moment it is possible to allocate two ways of communication of brands of cosmetics and personal care products with the public through digital media. The first method involves a digital interaction with consumers in relation to products that can help in personal hygiene. The other uses digital channels to talk about how brands are helping their communities, and society during this period. So, the LVMH group has announced that they are reconfiguring the production of perfumery to produce a disinfectant for the hands.

In Appier stressed that the platform based on artificial intelligence can be very useful in this time of crisis. In particular, brands can use AI to identify customers who are concerned about the pandemic COVID-19, and provide targeted content in the field of desired products. However, the magic number That said: “overall, the most important thing that you can do brands, is to show their customers that they are here to support and help them at this time, not to seem overly focused on sales. Any decision that manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products used in this period should be able to help them provide the best experience for consumers and to reach the largest number of relevant customers.”

In addition, note that COVID-19 will lead to lasting changes in the digital environment. For example, a target consumer groups recently “migrated” online for COVID19. In other words, people who were not active Internet users will likely begin to rely more on digital services, and the company should be interested in finding ways to communicate with this new group of potential customers.

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