Opening this summer – compact bronzing powder “Sunny days” Yves Rocher

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Summer, sun, heat… Already in the past, sadly. But I’m not sad. Now is the time to take stock of their summer beauty shopping. The post hero appeared in the beginning of summer, and almost immediately turned to me. Buy, as has already been strange for me, random. In the summer sometimes finds extra time to pamper yourself, and how to stand, when summer vacation, new. All pictures are taken in daylight from the window.


The design could not fail to attract the attention of otpusknie-lovers cosmetics. A puck of thick yellow plastic. Cover clear frosted plastic with logo engraved Yves Rocher.

Weight 15 gr. Made in Italy.

Basic information. Shade 01 “Golden tan”.

Composition. Nothing extraordinary for powder.

Open the lid, and under it – the beauty is indescribable. I love when matte coverage cosmetics is engraved. Yes, some leaves of exotic plants. Good idea for summer trends.

As you can see, the powder is divided into light and slightly darker side.

Grinding the smallest. The texture is soft, very tight, as it should be in compact powders, Packed in a set.

Once walked her fingers. (Left bright, right side is darker).

Three times he rubbed his fingers on both sides of powder. The colors are more intense. (Left bright, right side is darker).

Both colors on the dark skin of his hands. (Left bright, right side is darker).

Here is a mixture of shades. The powder ran her finger three times.

The shades mixture on a dark skin hands.

Cheek powder.

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Cheek, which caused a mixture of shades.

The powder on top of blush.

Fresh make-up.

8 hours. Makeup during the day is not correct. Doing so it has been all day. This rule, as during the day, the skin does not remain perfectly clean, but on contaminated skin again to apply make – Fi.

In applying powder “Sunny days” Yves Rocher is great. I use a mixture of shades and not individually. While it is possible to divide for themselves to powder and bronzer. Paint brush, coating is uniform, can be called perfect. The finish is matte.

Tone adjusts to the skin tone. I started to use before you tan. Excess powder is not added, had given fresh well-groomed appearance. When was the mulatto under the scorching Israeli sun, the powder behaved quite correctly: the skin tone is not vysvetlilas and became even. This is the powder I was very pleased. She ruled out additional purchases: powder for tanned skin and powder for more than the usual beige version plus bronzers. Two shades and cosmetic bag make it more versatile. Enough to enhance the colors in the right places on the face, and you can do without a lot of extra jars and washers.

The only negative for me, the smell. Don’t know what motivated the inventors of this new product, but scent is clearly overdone. Smell it: some expensive perfume with hints of exotic fruit. If exposed to the nose, like anything, is tolerable and forgivable. But when you start to apply the powder with a brush, it thins to the contrary is a little sickening note. I am glad that the scent fades quickly. The feeling is individual, perhaps someone it will like.

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Use face powder. I think I will spend until the end and only then I will buy something else to replace it. Probably it will not happen soon, given the extreme efficiency of the powder.

All the characteristics of powder “Sunny days” Yves Rocher deserves a solid 5. However, put a fat minus for the smell, but it is individual perception.

Price 850 rubles. Discount got for 595 rubles.

Has anyone tried summer new Yves Rocher? How do you like the product?

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