Opinion about anti – aging hand cream- Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, and my last experience cuticle care with it

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Recently in a travel makeup bag Clarins I got a “travel” version of the hand cream Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, which left a strange impression. If you are curious why, then welcome under kat.

I love these small tubes, they are really convenient to take on trips or when you need to carry in your purse. The packaging of this cream, whether it is use this product or that such a “travel” version, very strong and high quality, the tube has a screw cap, so there is no fear that the tube in your Luggage or bag will burst or spontaneously opens, and the cream is dry all around.

So, open the tube and carefully consider its contents. And inside we have a thick white cream, slightly waxy texture, well distributed and quickly absorbed, but at first, leaving behind quite noticeable matte wax film which is within minutes of five leaves and ceases to freak me out. Consumption of the cream is rather economical.

And here is its composition.

To disassemble the part will not, then mark a lot of things are mixed, but I will say only one thing — I chemistry, exactly like to natural compounds, are very loyal, if only worked))) But works the cream on my hands good, it really softens, moisturizes the skin like smoothing, i.e., with this cream they look very good, but food my skin cream gives a little, and prolonged effect I do not see, i.e., washed my hands and smear with cream again. Seems to be all here in the comments to make a point, if not one “but” and “but” — the smell of the cream. Until then, he is strong! And it’s not like some kind of beautiful nice fragrance and very heavy perfume, ha my nose, with notes of the most terrible varieties of Jasmine and lavender is a real explosive mixture that’s making me a little nauseated and a headache. In short, the flavor spoils the impression about the cream once and for all. And now, of it as a normal hand cream, perhaps all, period! Well, then about how much more use I found him.

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On a recent trip, despite clearly not any smell, had to use this cream because to buy another not like it, and I still had butter for body and hands went up, so I returned home with almost a half a tube unused. Throw away the leftovers did not, remember that the cream says that it is not only for hands but also the nails, so I decided to adapt it for cuticle care, especially because in the nail care gradually began to abandon pure oils. I chose to do cream applications.

Cream applications have quite a bit, so the smell is not so annoying. Apply it directly on the nails themselves.

Next, make the cream remained only on the cuticle around the fingernails, so the excess gently rubbed into the skin.

The texture of the cream is so well suitable for this kind of manipulation, like that the application can be left for 5, 10 minutes or more, the main thing that hands did not touch the water. Then, do what you want: the remnants of the cream to RUB dry with a cloth or in the end to wash my hands. As a result, its cuticle around the nails I admire endlessly. It perfectly moisturized, dry patches are softened, and during the day the new not formed, eroding Burr formation. In short, I really like this cream it it.

I think that such an application can be done with any other cream, as long as the texture was right. You can practice this treatment as many times a day, it all depends on the condition of your cuticles and your desires. So if you are interested in an application, try, experiment, and I’m sure the result will surprise you.

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But back to the assessment of cream.

It is very difficult for me to do it, but if you consider the price (about 1500 rubles with all the discounts for tuba 100 ml), then I’m all confused… Let it be somewhere between 2 and 3, despite the fact that I found a good use for it. I know that this cream won’t even look.

Period of use: almost 2 months.

Thank you for your attention.



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