Organic Zao Make-up

The story of how the brand Zao Make-up has changed my view on organic cosmetics.

I was not familiar with the brand, and, frankly, to organic and natural decorative means, I was treated extremely cautiously. A couple of times, tested the products of Nature Sibirica on the stand and I was not impressed at all. Therefore, in my view, bravely formed an image of something vague, with a strange texture, narrow range, and indeed why it is necessary.

My attitude changed when I saw a large, beautifully decorated booth of Zao Make-up, there were many! And lipstick with a different finish, and the classic gloss, and matte gloss, and mascara. I walked away until I tried everything))) I was surprised by the familiar to us, like the chemical cosmetics quality (pigmentation, durability), and a variety of colors. It was not something pale, rotten, and clear colors, some bright, some calm, but it was definitely great.

If you were not previously familiar with the brand, as I do, then I will say that Zao Make-up is a French decorative cosmetics, which has certificates of ECOCERT and BIO Cosmetique. Plus, a standard set not tested on animals and contains no animal products obtained by force. Ethics is confirmed by the icon “Leaping Bunny,” a British organization Cruelty Free. Natural does not happen ))


I stood at the booth, eventually chose two products: blush face and mineral powder.

The first thing that immediately drops the look is eco-friendly packaging, made from bamboo. She instantly remembered and it is hard to confuse this brand with something else. This is not just a paper box, although against them, I also have nothing!)

By the way, this replacement unit, so no marks on the title/tone etc on the packaging, but you can then buy Reily and save on the cost of cases.

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Smooth lacquered bamboo is smooth to the touch, the lid rests on two strong magnets, but to be transported for long distances I would these products still did not. Plus, to each product there is a case of twisted fabric, similar to burlap.

Mineral blush Zao Make-Up in shade “lilac-pink”

On the surface a very beautiful ornament of branches and the name of the company. Starts to wash it after about 10 uses.

The texture is somewhat dry, and there is no tight compression, so much to swing the brush is not worth it – dust. But this pollen is somewhat different from the usual chemical dusting of blush. Here it is larger and, if be careful to apply all that remains on the brush.

Duplicate composition: Mica, zeamays (corn) starch*, zinc stearate, squalane, silica, aqua, lauroyllysine, Butyrospermum parkii butter*, theobroma cacao seed butter *, CI 77820, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, haematococcus pluvialis extract, theobroma cacao seed extract, bambusa arundinacea stem powder, alcoholdenat, ilex paraguariensis leaf extract*, maltodextrin. +/‐: CI 77891, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 77742.

The shade from this blush for me is perfect! Something like Dior Milly Brown, but more pinkish. Lilac-pink, according to the description, neither to add nor take away) Such a classic cold-dusty rose with a completely matte finish which gives a wonderful frosty glow.

By the way, I also mention the wonderful pigmentation, which is perfectly expressed with the brush on the face. Apply a very thin layer, it’s easy to vary the degree of application and to how slight hint of blush, and the effect of a long walk in the cold.

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Despite the dry texture, the blush perfectly “sit” on the skin. This is my first experience with mineral makeup, so it’s hard to compare with similar products. But these blush very gently distributed over the skin, but hold all day even in hot weather. On the website I read that these minerals special spherical micropolishing, so they fit well, and the absence of silicone shell allows the minerals to have a beneficial effect on the skin, in particular an antiseptic effect.

Now this is my favorite blush! Used them all summer and each time really pleased that they got.If you love this kind of makeup, you REALLY need to try this blush


Price: 2190

And I could do without shadows? That’s right, nothing)) try all brands of shadow and blush, but the shade is a must.

Mineral eye shadow “Mineral Touch” 534 (eggplant)

This is another love at first sight, just look at this fine barrel is made of bamboo, which is made by hand! I think it’s just fine) Cover is held by two magnets, tight, but again, to transport it I would not dare. The shadows also come in a cloth pouch and accompanied by plump “book” with the composition and description of all the awards.

Mineral formula enriched with beneficial extracts, in particular Ginkgo biloba, ginseng, pumpkin seed oil. All plants are grown according to environmental standards. In General, the cleaner and more organic nowhere))

Duplicate composition: Mica, rice powder, corn starch, silica, zinc stearate, cocoa extract, sesame seed extract, wheat germ oil, seed oil of baobab, aluminum calcium borosilicate, fragrance, lauryl lysine, powder of bamboo, CI77820 (silver), alpha-glucan oligosaccharide, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, water, grapefruit extract, cocoa butter, linalool, alcohol, tocopherol, maltodextrin, limonene. May contain ±: CI 77891 [titanium oxides], CI 77491 [iron oxides], CI 77492 [iron oxides], CI 77499 [iron oxides]. Made from 100% natural ingredients.

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Initially there was a protective film, but I think that in pictures she doesn’t need)

In order to properly gain the product through a square hole, you need to get the hang of it. I usually shake the jar, then pour a small (or large, as it happens) the amount of fairy dust, and then take a brush.

The shade is a muted, smoky eggplant, the jar seems to be completely matte. Basically, they’re matte, interspersed with glittering particles, which become visible when in contact with skin. But century is almost not visible, only if somehow in a special way the light falls, and you’ve got good eyesight))

In terms of work, the shadows are slightly different from my usual representatives of decorative cosmetics. Going on the eyelid, it’s like they are imprinted into the skin at the same time, if they start to feather, then a thin layer easily turns into a colorless grayish hint plus, swatches visible transitions and layering, to avoid this, apply best manages a small flat brush, hammered movements.

Doing great, what base, what without it. It’s nice that the shadows do not conflict with the products of other brands, can be combined with inorganic cosmetic without compromising durability, color and coverage.

The overall image — shadow+blush

Rating: 5-

Price: 2 517 R.

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