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I don’t know how you will be interested in a post about kushane not mass popular cosmetic brand. But to remain silent, I can’t! This cushion is a great find, a great love. Besides, it gives excellent results this item. My experience will be useful for those who are tired of looking for easy tool for a perfect skin tone, including skin wrinkles, pigmentation, enlarged pores. But about all under the order…

All probably already know what a cushion. The cushion is a liquid Foundation in the sponge. Complete with sponge for application (here it is stated as an antimicrobial). Compact case with mirror, you can throw in your purse and touch up makeup wherever you will be comfortable. This is especially true for those who don’t use powder.

The sponge was very convenient. It applies easily and is compact, convenient tool, without stripes and stains.

When you press the sponge appears tinted moisturizer with a light texture, the first two or three uses were irritated by how long it is necessary for this sponge to press >_<. Apply a thin and organic layer.

My shade is #23. It is quite bright. But even on dark skin my mom in a thin layer, it looks natural.

In the box also have a spare refil. Each refile for 13 grams of product.

My skin: normal, slightly oily prone T-zone. There are black spots and enlarged pores. 29.

The degree of overlap of deficiencies can vary from medium to dense. 10 cushion foundation:

  • evens skin tone
  • hides enlarged pores
  • masks black spots
  • leaves skin fresh, rested
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One of the main advantages of Original Raw 10 cushion foundation is that the tool is not felt on the face. There is no feeling of something foreign, no tightness or congestion. A very comfortable feeling throughout the day.

Finish — the one that is now called “alive”, natural, natural. Slightly damp, but not so much that I wanted to cover it with powder. Although the powder definitely prolongs the life. Without it, the tool rests on my skin 6-7 hours.

I note that the Original Raw 10 cushion foundation — a favorite Foundation of my mother. Cushion is perfectly placed on the skin structure, smoothes, hides pigmentation, not stressed and collapses into wrinkles. It is absolutely not noticeable, does not create a mask effect.

And Original Raw 10 cushion foundation smells good and has a high factor sun protection SPF 50+ PA+++!

  • Price: from 1580 RUB.
  • Weight: 13G + 13G
  • My rating: 5+

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