OsmoGenes Olga Hasinai – the beginning of a long journey

Big ship sailing big πŸ™‚

OsmoGenesprobably the young Russian brand, she’s only a year.

However, a newcomer brand looks, feels reasonableness in creating the songs (each of them, and the whole range) and the flow (the logo, packing, etc.).

As a special feature, I would highlight the lack of a recognizable author’s handwriting, which makes it possible to describe a stamp with one large brushstroke. All the flavors of the different orientation, density, saturation, pyramid, etc. Take, for example, “Kashmir gold” and “Salt of the four seas” and you will never guess that this is one perfume.

In a sense, is a plus, because there is a chance to find something for every taste.

In some sense this is a disadvantage, because the brand with a recognizable style can you buy flavors without zatista: if you like the style, there is a high probability that the scent will like it. Here it is better to go through the samples…

OsmoGenes Onlge Gaspen is the origin, the birth, the birth of a smell.

Olga says that her songs are born bright emotions and experiences, are devoted to the colorful characters of the movie, and sometimes inspiration can give aromatic substances by themselves.

Life is a thing colorful, seasonal, dynamic and collection OsmoGenes the same.

14 motley of flavors.

Describe some new products and run through his favorites.

Start with your pet new β€” Provocateur Rose

Top: passion fruit, red wine

Middle: rose, geranium, vetiver, cardamom

Base: Kashmir wood, Oud, Daman, amber, amber, musk, leather

Udofia, amber, woody, spicy, wine


Rich, dense, powerful, smooth, bright, but not flashy flavor.

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Starts with a light pink champagne, and then warmed up with spices to a state of heat throughout the body. Reveals smoothly, quietly and powerfully, poured, stirred.

Beginning with a wine sweetness, and then the fragrance becomes more woody and amber. Changing, but it is beautiful at every stage.

Mrs. rose here is not solo at all.

Colour Association β€” Bordeaux.

With all the saturation and rich opening, with all the artistry of the composition, the aroma of GTA wearable, but requires expensive clothes, denim is not suitable.

Unisex, with a gradient in the female.

Beautiful! I would put it on a shelf next to a Black Orchid uncle Ford…


Top: citrus, eucalyptus, pink pepper

Medium: pine, elemi, vetiver, fir balsam

Base: moss, birch tar, mint, musk, castoreum.


Fresh spicy, woody, smoky, balsamic, animal

Very interesting and a good version of pine scent. Tree-needles on the sound accompanied by fresh aquaticus-menthol note. The database reveals a beautiful tree, and sexy pet, definitely testosterone.

The whole composition is deep, multi-layered, dense, saturated. And brutal. A woman may wear this only if you need to find masculinity…

The best pine scent that I have in recent years heard…

Forest Fairy

Top: green notes, violet

Middle: violet

Bottom: vanilla, amber, sandalwood, candied violet

Powdery, floral, woody.

This new product is easier the previous one, and such a thought. The task was to make everyday comfortable violet. And it turned out.

Aroma is balanced, calm, feminine. It only in moderation, even the most powder. Soft, enveloping cloud, the database collects a nice physicality.

A very feminine fragrance without age, without reference to retro. Appropriate always and everywhere.

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It was new, and now very briefly according to my personal favorites.

Druf for a good girl (a Drug for good girls) is absolute favorite. Sweet smell of mint grass, recognizable cannabis. Daisy and persistent.

Salt of 4 seas (the Salt four seas) is a mineral charcoal. Light, thin, exquisite. Everyday. Unisex.

Seraphim (Seraphim) β€” the smell of chamomile. Not so much beautiful as unique and atmospheric. No one met a perfume with the scent of chamomile.

Kashmiri gold (Kashmir gold) β€” plum brandy (even chernoslivovymi), very cool gurmanika. Unisex.

Obsession (Obsession) β€” tight gurmanika not cloying. Chocolate, tobacco, hydrocyanic notes.

Portrait of Picasso (Portrait of Picasso) β€” simply divine bed bugs at the start πŸ™‚ Coriander gives this eefect, perfume expensive cognac, but without redundancy. Generally, aroma complex, not even clear what group he referred, but very beautiful.

Maharaja Palace (Maharaja’s Palace) β€” again, gurmanika, now Eastern speciesa. Hot and dense, velvety.

Bohemia (La Boheme) β€” an intoxicating aroma. Skin, wine, and tobacco leaves flavors of hookah…

It is likely that they will repeat the exhibition “Spring perfume”, but now must “Fall perfume”. Give a list of their favorites to make a visit to the exhibition for someone to become more meaningful and effective. I now such a list is not enough πŸ™‚


So, about mark OsmoGenes in General… But hard to summarize.

I can say that all the flavors wearable and tolerant person, no aromas for fragrances…

Aromas are of good quality. Train and resistance is, especially in dense.

The composition is interesting and complete. Completeness is particularly pleasing, not all of our perfume it is found.

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The brand already has fans, and I think the prospects OsmoGenes very bright. πŸ™‚

The price tag: 15 ml β€” 3500 rubles, 30 ml β€” 6500 rubles, 50 ml β€” 8900 RUB over the EDP

Location β€” Moscow.

Girls, has anyone met with the fragrances of the brand? What are your impressions?

I cycle and your series of Russian perfumers.

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To be continued πŸ™‚

Thank you for your attention to my review!

I’m Vera πŸ™‚

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