Out of the competition. Scrub ZO SKIN Health by ZEIN OBAGI Exfoliating Polish. photo of the Transfiguration of the skin

Before purchasing — doubt, “and it is their money?” weighing all “for” and “against” the vain search for detailed reviews….

After the first application – “I need 2 cans in stock!”

Lately around products of Obagi sparked serious excitement. All self-respecting beauty salons and cosmetology centers work on the cosmetics.

I’m a sucker for expensive cosmetics soul, familiarity with the brand has decided to start with the bestseller — polishing scrub.

Studying the product, I naturally tried to find at least some more or less detailed reviews about the tool from our, domestic, or foreign bloggers. The maximum that gave me the quest — not a promotional image of an open jar. But is it really?

My mission today — as detailed as possible to tell you that will change your skin routine from head to… feet. Equal to this is no belongings. It’s a worthy product, unique.

Why is it?

First, scrub Obagi — mineral. Polished, non-abrasive skin scrubbing particles don’t scratch the skin, do not dissolve like salt. That is inflicted on you skin with necessary amount of scrub, and can slowly massage and skrabirovanie all areas of scrub will be lost and an additional amount to take is not necessary.

Second. Scrub is not oil-based. Scrubs, having in its composition of oil (olive, peach, grapeseed, avocado — whatever) later, I scored my pores, in the best case — did not render the desired effect.

Third. The presence of magnesium oxide and loved me in different forms of Vitamin A.

Fourth, of course, the brand. The endless loop of trust, positive, admiring comments, unmatched performance, unique compositions, components, formulas, developments bribed me 😍

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Don’t know how appropriate to find fault with the composition of the funds as a respected manufacturer. It is unlikely that we, ordinary people, can Express their “Phi” in the direction of numerous studies and the work of professionals.

The only thing I would note is that mineral oil, which frightens many, my skin no negative impact has not had.

Scrub is a heavy Bank the puck with a screw cap and an additional cap membrane. The plastic quality is higher. The execution is flawless.

The first thing that makes an impression on you when you open the jars, — the wonderful smell of Tea tree oil and mint. Delicate, fresh, frosty flavour. Granules ice blue color complete “winter” kind of scrub.

Consistency is not comparable with any other scrub I’ve ever tried.

It is not viscous, very dense, thick. It feels like the pellets glued together with honey. Base scrub is hardly distinguishable. Themselves granules are so small that comparable, perhaps, only with soda.

Complete the scrub was not, sadly, no spatula. Owners of long nails to score his fingers would be uncomfortable. Besides, I think it’s not very hygienic, so I advise you to arm yourself with a spatula.

Let’s look at the hero of the post in action?

First a little about my skin.

The combined type. PMS consistently are rashes, oily T-zone, enlarged pores, and blackheads. There is a little redness in the cheeks due to the use of acids to clean.

Interesting point. Some manufacturers recommend applying a scrub as the first step of purification, i.e. to damp skin immediately after make-up remover. Some advised to use scrub as a second cleansing step, that is, according to this scheme: make-up remover, shower gel/foaming cleanser, scrub.

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Obagi recommends that we follow the second use case. So that’s what I do.

In the days when I use a scrub, I use a gentle gel to cleanse the skin, not acid. I can recommend GIGI Vitamin E or Anna Lotan a Clear Mineral liquid soap.

I use the scrub up to 2 times a week. More my skin type this is not necessary. The manufacturer assumes daily use of the scrub and use it once a week. It all depends on your individual needs.

He washed his face in a gentle foam or gel, even on moist skin I apply a small amount of scrub. I apply the scrub zone — the forehead, cheeks, nose for small portions about the size of a pea. Do not try to spread one portion across the face.

Fingertips slowly massaging each area. First one cheek, then the other, forehead, nose, chin, temples. The main thing — not to hurry, to pay attention to each area of the skin. Only then You will get a perfect result.

Periodically fingers dipped in water. Additional portions of the scrub do not use.

What I love about mineral scrubs — they do not dissolve. You can be the owner of the thin, sensitive skin and skrabirovanie the skin for 15 minutes, the granules from the skin is not going anywhere.

When massaging the first few minutes I feel the tingle.

Let’s look at the result? 😋

After 5-7 minutes I wash off the scrub from the face with water at room temperature. Pamaciau face disposable napkins and get this skin.

I think it’s a flawless polished look.

Your pores are almost unnoticeable. They have become the expense of perfect exfoliation, cleaner.

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Relief… I think the photo fully conveys the effect of polished skin. The terrain is perfect, the skin smooth.

Face after using the scrub shining. It looks fresh, well maintained.

Despite his rather aggressive texture, the composition caused no superograblenie, as happened with the acid soap KART, for example.

In conclusion I want to say that any one scrub, I did not get this effect. Analogue could be called mineral scrub from GIGI, but again… there is no such consistency, there is no amount of granules, no magnesium oxide, no effect.

Why, after the first application, I decided I needed to stock up on? First, of course I was struck by the effect. Second, the company often officially raises prices for their products.So in the fall of this year, prices rose by as much as 30%.

For what skin type? For any. Varies on frequency of use and skin type, as well as the intensity and duration of the procedure of peeling.

Has the effect on peeling? The first time removes all the peeling of any complexity. After I apply a cream with AHA acids and in the morning forget all about what they had.

Injure the skin? Even on my dry and sensitive cheeks I found after use, no redness, no irritation, no damage.

Of course, this type of money I never recommend to use on injured skin or skin with a clear problem acne.

5000₽цена10/10оценка3 of the month, 2P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Combination skin, without any problems

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