Over-the-top pigmentation + treatment: Zelens Extreme lipstick Velvet in shades of Merlot and Plum Nude

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My first lipstick from English brand Zelens I acquired almost by accident: for the price of one was given two tools (in my case, a lipstick and primer). To keep from the best offer it was difficult, and I became a happy owner of decorative cosmetics Zelens. Since then I have tried several of their funds, and the second lipstick I bought is already deliberately and with a clear understanding of what I want from her. But how my expectations were met — read the post.

Zelens Velvet Lipstick Extreme Treatment

Zelens is a brand mainly skin oncologist Marco Lens (Engl. Marko Lens). Statement of non-unique brand: Pro scientific approach, innovation and numerous clinical trials. How good it makes them care — a separate issue of discussion, but the price tag, alas, corresponds to the models whose descriptions listed as “doctor”. Extreme Velvet Lipstick without discounts will cost £32.

Zelens Extreme lipstick Velvet in shades of Nude and Plum Merlot

However, even lipstick at the doctor Lens undergoing clinical tests, and the compositions they have impressive. Among the active components include:

  • fitol (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory component that promotes skin renewal);
  • Tripeptide (stimulates collagen production);
  • lipid complex;
  • Portulaca pilosa (as I understand it, extract — promotes the production of hyaluronic acid);
  • in fact hyaluronic acid;
  • vitamin E;
  • Flaxseed oil (contains omega-3 and omega-6);
  • cottonseed oil (fatty acids);
  • candelilla wax (protective ingredient).

Zelens Velvet Treatment Extreme Lipstick in shades of Nude and Plum Merlot

And this is not the whole list. Race forward a little and say that both the lipstick is really very comfortable, despite the density and finish. Worn for a long time and don’t cause any trouble neither in heat nor in the cold. About the long-term effect, tell of any tests I can not say, since I alternate these with other lipsticks. But what impressed me — in their statements, Zelens does not operate on unrealistic figures from advertising. It’s not 300%, as some representatives of the mass market, but such measurements at least possible to believe.

The results of clinical trials of Velvet lipsticks ExtremeExtreme Treatment Zelens Velvet Lipstick

Packaging is another point about which I would like to tell before moving on to the review of the shades. It’s simple: silver “bullet” with the inscription Zelens, which perfectly imprinted fingers sarcasm. The lipstick is also standard forms, although the volume many more luxury lipsticks — it 5 grams. An unusual detail in Velvet Extreme that its cap is twisted, and it guarantees that it will not open accidentally in a bag. Thread short but reliable, and the problems with it arose.

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Thread on the tube

Let us turn to the description of the shades of lipstick.


This lipstick I bought the first because, I admit, have a certain weakness for dark red and Bordeaux. Lipstick in a certain way exceptional, such as I have not met, despite the fact that the lipsticks are long and many.

Zelens Velvet Treatment Extreme Lipstick in Merlot

Color. Deep wine red, it is reminiscent of the wine of the same name. And, like drink, reveals different depending on lighting and weather conditions. Can go with a bright red satin, and maybe dark Burgundy velvet.

The pigmentation is unparalleled. I don’t really know what to compare it. In my rather big collection of lipsticks there is not one which would be the same or close. This is the most pigmented lipstick I’ve ever had in principle. Dense opaque coverage you receive from one touch, but there are some disadvantages: it is much easier to make a mistake. Been looking for a decent liner to the lipstick, and waiting for advice in the comments.

Swatch Zelens Velvet Extreme Lipstick in Merlot in a single layer in daylight

Macro, as you know, reveals all the schools of drawing, so please do not judge strictly. In person it looks better, but for close-up’ov I had to correct my own mistakes, so may be noticeable, where I erased the outline. And this, alas, curved hands, and not the disadvantages of lipstick.

Lipstick in Merlot shade on the lips

The finish logical consequential after color semi-gloss: slightly reflects light, giving lips volume, but not going into the satin. Lip texture does not hide.

Lipstick in Merlot shade on the lips

Properties. The lipstick is very pigmented and strong, but surprisingly comfortable to wear. It does not dry, but not very dirty. On the cups from fondant there are traces, but not very bright and noticeable. It is present purely luxury feature: on the lips it leaves a smooth and beautiful tone. Fastest Extreme Velvet rubs off from fatty food, but without it can last 8+ hours. Even if violently wash cloth — it will not be erased, the maximum gradient will remain an option, which is so fond of Koreans with color in the middle, fading to the edges of the lips. The lipstick easily erased micellar water or a hydrophilic ointment.

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Zelens Velvet Extreme Lipstick Merlot

Similar shades. It would seem that the shade is not the most unusual, but identical among their lipsticks I couldn’t find. For me this is certainly a plus: still bought another (!) lipstick, not similar, and that means not wasting money. But the most loved ones among the shades of lipsticks here in the sticks I still give.

Closest to the title of the twins was matte pencil Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in the shade Consuming Red. On swatches they are really close, despite certain nuances. However on the lips it is not so. Anyway, on my own. Consuming more Red comes out cold and sometimes it even seems that he was plum. Plus, of course, the inimitable finish of these lipsticks-pencils. I want to say that being similar at first glance, these lipsticks differ markedly. But both are beautiful.

Swatch lipsticks from left to right: Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl, Nars Consuming Red, Zelens Merlot and Oxblood Burberry


The lipstick in shade Merlot

My rating: 4+/5

Nude Plum

The lipstick in this shade I bought, hoping to find a great on the pigmentation of a lipstick, but at the same time casual tone. For those occasions when you can not bother with makeup or when you do not want to distract attention from the eyes.

Zelens Velvet Extreme Lipstick in Plum Nude

Color. In Zelens obviously didn’t bother with the names of the shades, as it did in Nars or Urban Decay. Nodoby plum — nodoby more than plum, but something in it is. It is bright enough to create an accent, but not enough to pull the blanket.

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Pigmentation the lipstick is great, but still not like the Merlot. Like Merlot, it’s a minus and a plus: a little more time to spend on drawing, but screw it harder. In comparison with the previous it is a little drier, but the skin properties are impacted. In both cases you need a very small amount of lipstick to create an opaque coating, which makes Extreme Velvet economical in use.

Swatch Zelens Velvet Extreme Lipstick in Nude Plum in daylight

Finish less “velvety” than Merlot: more reflection, closer to satin, but not fully Nude Plum satin. Over time, the finish off with a slightly damp becomes more matte.

The Zelens Velvet Extreme lipstick in Plum Nude shade on the lipsLipstick in Plum Nude shade on the lipsLipstick in Plum Nude shade on the lips

Properties. Nude Plum is not as stable in comparison, but it’s a known pattern: the brighter the lipstick, the less it is stable. However, even with drinks and a snack it will last 6-7 hours in a decent form, and go will be very nice. In General, it is not enough to criticize: it is suitable for any event and weather, on the lips is not felt, worn perfectly. Would it still noticethese — would be my favorite formula of lipsticks.

Zelens Velvet Extreme Lipstick in Plum Nude

Similar shades. Similarly, 100% hit never happened. The closest was lipstick MAC Cremesheen in the shade Mystical (pictured far right). But it is absolutely not a matte, slightly lighter, less pigmented and limitka.

Swatch of the lipsticks, from left to right: Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria, Zelens, Nude, Plum, Clarins 759V Woodberry, Clarins 751 Tea Rose, MAC Mysticalthe same Swatch in cooler light


The lipstick in shade Nude Plum

My rating: 5/5

Zelens Velvet Extreme Lipstick


Beautiful, comfortable and nedovolnye lipstick. Maybe it’s not an absolute must-have, but Zelens Extreme lipstick Velvet in no way inferior, and in many respects surpass the standard set of lipsticks of any network store. Not recommend them I will not raise a hand.

Thanks for the read!

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