Palette eyeshadow Givenchy Prismissime Eyeshadow Palette Browns Essence of Fall 2019: review and Swatch

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Hello! Today I want to talk about a gorgeous palette eyeshadow Givenchy Prismissime Eyeshadow Palette in shade 2 Essence of Browns of autumn make-up collection Givenchy Essence of Shadows Makeup Collection Fall 2019.

I’m in this palette it was love at first photos, and as soon as it went on sale, immediately bought it. And glad to purchase because the palette was really very good.

Eyeshadow palette 9 shades in pink and brown tones. The essential feature of both palettes from the autumn collection make-up this year is that they are designed for mono-makeover, so the shades differ from each other minimally, undertones. On the one hand, with the habit first, it is unclear how to do makeup this palette where as much as 9 shades, almost indistinguishable from each other, how to combine them. On the other hand, you quickly realize that no matter how you combine, you can’t go wrong. Of course, I think makeup artists will make her more beautiful makeup, here the scope for their imagination, but a normal user can do with it is very decent and very trendy this year makeup.

By the way, although the palette and fit as many as 9 colors, and it seems that it must be huge, but in fact it is quite compact, fits in the palm, and the sector shades are very small.

As for the specifications of the shadows — they are very good. They have the texture most delicate, softest silk. When you set the brush does not dust. There are shades with a matte-satin finish, has mother of pearl, and one shade (top row middle) with sparkling particles. But much glitter this palette does not, because the nacre is so finely ground, giving a barely noticeable overflow — all very decorous and noble. And eyes they are very organic, in the folds don’t hide, hold all day. But after a few hours of pink pigment starts to go, and the shadows become more brown.

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Matte shades are well applied with a brush, but the pearl personally, I suggest applying with your finger, sparkling the shade is also better to apply with your finger.

And more importantly — with the shadows in this color range it is necessary to use black or dark brown pencil or eyeliner, otherwise it will give the effect of tired eyes. With this palette especially advantageous to look dark brown pencil, but black is also quite decent.

Daylight and electric light shades look different, iridescence and shimmer only visible in the electric light during the day she’s pretty calm.

Swatch palettes eyeshadow Givenchy Prismissime Eyeshadow Palette Browns Essence of Fall 2019 daylight and electric lighting:

Video Swatch palettes eyeshadow Givenchy Prismissime Eyeshadow Palette Essence of Fall 2019 Browns — Swatches:


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And that’s how different shades look on the eyes (on the lips 19 shade of lipstick from the same collection, and it is their properties are too great, opinion will write the other day):

Palette Givenchy Prismissime Eyeshadow Palette Browns Essence of Fall 2019 was released as a limited edition, and very quickly sold out, but it is still there in the online store letu.ruand in offline shops, it is perhaps possible to find available, so if you still doubt to take or not, I suggest. Really very beautiful and high quality palette for mono-makeover!

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