Palette for lips Catrice Creatrice Lacquer Lip Vinyl Palette. Part 2



Well here and it was time to tell you about the second palette lip gloss from Catrice.

The packaging is the same as the first palette. The only difference is that this package is a glossy (maybe the palette of glossy lipsticks), and that was Matt (TC TA palette with matte lipsticks).

The palette has a mirror. It is really convenient. It allows us to carry the palette in your purse.

Many wrote that the whole palette is inconvenient to take with you. But imagine, to lipstick, you take the lipstick and a mirror, which is absolutely the same place. And then we can all make using a small palette for lips.

Exactly the same brush comes in the kit. Again, the brush is very convenient, pile doesn’t climb.

The palette consists of 8 shades of glossy lipsticks, 1 lip primer and silver topper.

If matte palette was in shades of nadovich, this contrary to the Reds.

The manufacturer recommends to apply lipstick as follows:

  • Apply the primer with your finger
  • Apply lipstick with a brush
  • Apply over lipstick topper finger
  • That’s exactly what we do with every shade.


    The first shade

    Pale pink hue. Really is nice on the lips. Very similar to the balm in the stick from Clarins in the shade 01.

    Visually adds volume to the lips. This shade falls in the folds of the lips and does not leak even without a primer.

    Over lipstick struck a silver topper. I can say that I don’t like this effect with any color. Visually, it somehow ages her lips, and it can see all the folds, the lips become smaller.

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    The second hue

    Beautiful, rich berry shade. I haven’t had these shades of lipsticks and I can say that I love it.

    Shade of wrinkles on the lips, not flowing and not plesivec.

    The third shade

    Red-pink shade. Fits loosely, but it’s not a bad thing, maybe such an effect gives its charm. Also similar to a balm in the stick from Clarins in the shade 05.

    As you can see, the shade lays down exactly, not plesivec, wrinkles are not stressed.

    The fourth shade

    Even more rich berry shade. I’m not a fan of such shades. And you?

    The fifth shade

    Very controversial pink-purple shade. But I’m mad about it.

    Also not plesivec, does not spread, the wrinkles falls.

    The sixth shade

    Bright crimson hue. Honestly, I’m surprised that he’s not plesivec and applied very smoothly.

    The seventh shade

    Wine hue. We all know that these shades are very problematic. But not this one. I’m amazed that he even applied without bald spots and falls in folds.

    The eighth shade

    I don’t know how, but I forgot to take a photo with this shade. Will try soon to fix it.

    So, all shades of high quality. Properties similar to balm from Clarins. Yes, it is the balm. Can’t call them full-fledged glossy lipsticks. Alas.

    But can’t count that as a minus, maybe, insanely beautiful lie on his lips.

    The primer, as I have already said in the 1st review, I like it. Moisturizing, smoothing and brightening lips a little.

    The topper for me is just awful. I use them I will not.

    Rating: 5 —

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    Price: 595 roubles.

    Thank you for your attention!

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