Palette Fresh Cappuccino from Letual

Good day!

In General, as always before the new year discounts. And discount it’s tempting to try. “Take almost nothing!” And let.

50% discount did the dirty deed. And now I carry this palette to the cashier. Protective color box with inscription Fresh Cappuccino as it suggests that it should include the basic shades of brown. Well, or this is purely my perception

Here lies the first catch — almost all the colors have a lilac undertone. What I certainly did not expect.

Was there a sample you ask? Was, of course. And there was horrible lighting, but nothing new.

So, watch the colors in different lighting:


Artificial lighting

The pigment is weak in all the bright shades. In addition, shadows are poorly mixed together and disgusting behavior when layering. And finally, the icing on the cake — they are much spilling during application. No, then they hold well, but during application all over the face in spots.

In General, the avaricious pays twice. However, I still use them.

Pay attention to the intensity, I did brighter 😅 and feather, they lie very so-so.

Rating: 3

Cost: 1000 rubles without discounts

Period of use: 3 weeks

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