Palette from Wet ‘ n ‘ Wild Comfort Zone…when really comfortable

Hi all.Here the autumn has come, and with it, wanted a makeover to make more complex and a little bit autumn.Add cozy colors, to get back behind the brush… and not just cilia dyeing.

Famous palette, which for so long did not give me rest.Spent almost a year in my cosmetic chest and I finally tasted it, and are willing to share with you my impressions and a few makeup options.

This palette was lying for a long time and was waiting in the wings apparently.Well, as it turned out it is not in vain waited, because the wait for their re-issue with two new shades, but I’m just ready to talk about her for the old version.

What can I say? Making you see nothing special.Just plastic and nothing more.Full minimalism.The case when the content is more important than packaging.The palette is divided into two sectors, each in turn divided into four categories.

Browbone-shade for the study of the space under the eyebrow as a highlighter or in the inner corner

Eyelid — eye shadow for the eyelids

Creaseshadow to highlight the eyelid crease

Definer-“highlighter”shade to draw mirosnikova space or shadows to deepen the color, they can draw arrows.

Ideal for use on every day.Get flustered easily, fit beautifully and perfectly skulptoriaus eyelid. The shadows are very soft, well tolerated on the eyelid with a brush and finger, so even if you are a beginner you will succeed more than good.

There is already a color more complex and make them get very deep, you can do daytime and transform it in the evening. Beautiful selection of flowers and of course the most beautiful duochrome, which all the hype.

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I propose to go to makeup and see how it looks on the eyes.

Here we have used 4.2 and 1 shades of the first, the warm sector in beige and brown tones.Look for every day, light and fresh.This makeup is used the entire second sector 4,3,2,1 shades.Here the image is already brighter and more interesting, but for every day, too.And here we have the first sector and shades of 4,3 and 1.Perhaps my favorite option. Day looks great with a bright lip, add bright lipstick and continue to conquer the world.

What can I say? Reticulation is very comfortable, it is warm and cozy.Makeup done by myself because of good selection of colors.Nice texture, but for its price is perfect.The shadows do not crumble, do not roll down, held perfectly all day.


Price: 400 rubles

And you already want autumn colors in makeup?

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