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Palette The Zodiac Palkete Eyeshadow from Colourpop

Good day!

The brand Colourpop recently gaining some inhuman speed and produces a variety of new items very often. This palette is already far not new, but is a decent copy in my personal collection from this company, because I love Colourpop. Even so โ€” I love this brand, because the combination of price and quality is still very striking ๐Ÿ™‚

The box is decorated with stars and constellations, I like the theme with the signs of the zodiac and probably the design is also encouraged in some degree to purchase.

Inside is also a mirror, and this is the only palette from Colourpop with mirror, as far as I know.


But the colors are like the everyday neutral colors, and bright kind of, for me, the vast majority turned out to be quite wearable shades, even if they do not look as such at first glance.

Swatch in daylight, made a finger in one stroke, without any base

Now letโ€™s move on to the actual stunning shades ๐Ÿค—

All the colors in the โ€œeyeโ€ Swatch I applied not too tightly for concealer ColourPop No Filter Consealer.

The Aries (Aries) โ€” burnt orange metallic, with bits of individual sequins, it is easy to apply, and despite the brightness can fit in as a color accent.

The Taurus (Taurus) โ€” matte warm light brown, camel color. Very often use it for a quick everyday makeup

The Gemini (Gemini, my sign:)) โ€” cold olive gold metallic. Love this shade, probably my favorite in this palette, so manufacturers have got to the point ^_^ He is stunningly beautiful.

The Cancer (Cancer) โ€” also gold, just peachy, warm and soft, like to put him and the Twins in the corner of a century.

The Leo (lion) โ€” warm light orange with small gold metallic flakes

The Virgo (Virgo) โ€” matte warm dark brown color, very good as a dark area in the daily makeup.

messed up a little Swatch, some kind of metallic paint did not want to leave the brush and quietly moved to the Swatch, which was evident only on pictures ๐Ÿ™‚ the shade is fully Matviyenko ruined Swatch, some kind of metallic paint did not want to leave the brush and quietly moved to the Swatch, which was evident only on pictures ๐Ÿ™‚ the shade is completely matte

The Libra (the Scales) is a little pink satin covered with a very light cool tint something blue. Did not think so fall in love with this shade, before applying themselves considered it totally unremarkable. And in addition, he is the soft texture of the palette and very easy to apply.

The Scorpio (Scorpion) -plum metallic. Looking at this color the first time, I thought, โ€œWell, no, I absolutely will not be friendsโ€ and not make friends more than with all the other unusual shades together. But no, after the first application I really loved it and quite often wear it paired with the previous color)

The Sagittarius (Sagittarius) โ€” bright, matte deep purple. Not a fan of that color, plus my hands are not sufficiently direct in order to apply it smoothly and beautifully), but it is quite pigmented

The Capricorn (Capricorn) โ€” the very starry sky in the small refile ^_^ the color is very beautiful, and does not cause problems in application.

The Aquarius (the Aquarius), Matt bright and saturated blue, in my opinion only this color is not so good in pigmentation, like everyone else, though perhaps here again the case in hand))

The Pisces (Fish) โ€” stunning metallic turquoise with large flakes. This color and encouraged me to buy the whole palette, it is very beautiful and just looks fantastic on the eyes.

All colors except of Aquarius I did not cause any difficulties in application, they are perfectly pigmented and they are very convenient to use. The only drawback is the small shower under the eyes, but it is fixable and that you can accept for the price.

And finally some makeup options that I do with this palette

Taurus+Virgo, and in the corner of Gemini, this is my relatively casual makeup.

Taurus+Ariesin the corner of the eye, a lion and on the lower eyelid a virgin, when I want something brighter.

And here Libra+Scorpio, and in the corners Cancer

Palette really loved me, I can safely recommend it.

Price: 18$

Rating: 5


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