Palette with bright character: Caractère La Palette from the Christmas collection from Chanel La Maxsimalisme

Cristmas ideas

Good day, dear readers!

Today I would like to continue the theme of the Christmas collection of the brand Chanel and in this post we will talk about a very beautiful a limited palette of lipsticks Chanel La palette Сaractère lipstick collection.

Palette of lipsticks lip gloss palette La caractère from Chanel.

So, I ask under kat.

Incredibly beautiful Christmas collection Chanel absolutely captivated me, and today I will tell about one more perfect representative of this collection. A wonderful palette of lipsticks came to me not immediately. If the shadows I was immediately clear that I’m sure you will choose something, the lipstick, everything was harder and took me a while to think. The cause is primarily what I’m trying to avoid the red or near the red lipsticks in your makeup. Me much more comfortable to use in daily makeup sudovye shades, did not attract much attention. However, this does not mean that red lipstick I was not attracted. Attracted, but probably I needed time to realize it and find your lipstick.

Palette, which I ignored while studying the collection, has again attracted my attention during the Christmas holidays in Gdansk, Poland. In the beauty shop I asked what lip products are left from the Christmas collection of Chanel. Girl consultant showed me this palette for lips and explained that fondant is not only very comfortable, but also interesting because they can be mixed together to obtain a new unique shades and textures. So I realized that I can’t lose her again.

Limitka incredibly beautiful. I really like to consider it, to open and close. It wants to hold.

The palette is packaged in a cardboard box, done in the typical Christmas collection brand black and Golden tones. On the box there is a picture of the shades and all the necessary information.

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Inside is black velvet pilnick, which is a glossy box with the logo of the brand.


The hard case compact, it is easy to take with you. Inside there is a mirror and two double-sided brushes.

Brush and mirror

Brush I, basically, liked it. I do not very usual to use a brush for lip makeup, because usually I apply lipstick from the stick. Brushes from the palette I got is pretty easy to paint over the lips.

All in the palette are five shades of lipsticks from the lightest to the darkest. Textures also vary from cream to matte. I want to say that completely matte finish can be expected.

Lipsticks in a palette

Shades do not have names and numbers. So I’ll talk about them in turn, starting with the bright and specifying conditional rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

First Swatch on the hand.

Swatch and palette. Natural day lighting. Shades located from top to bottom in two rows. First row: 1) the light( coral), 2) classical red, 3) berry red( like cherry). Second row top to bottom: 4) a brown-red 5) brown.

Swatch closer. Natural day lighting. First row top to bottom: 1) lightest coral, 2) classical red, 3)bright berry. Second row top to bottom: 4) red-brown, 5) brown.

I will show each shade on the lips and tell about it. I would like to note that my lips from nature have a pronounced relief, which is saved with any lipstick I always apply lipstick slightly beyond the natural contour, because I like it.

So, let’s see the shades.

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The first shade I would describe as coral. In the palette it goes to ryjenko depending on the lighting. On the lips it looks like a warm red.

The texture of the lipstick is very pleasant, like balm. Durability traditional lipsticks. Can survive a Cup of tea and a flavorful meal. Very pleasant on the lips, not dry, for loop not running( all the lipstick I use no pencil).

Swatch on the lips. Natural daylight

The shade is pleasant, bright enough, but not the caller. Suitable for daytime makeup as an accent on the lips.

And a photo of the shade in the full image:

Shade in the full image

The second shade is more bright. Classic red that suits every girl. Bright but elegant.

The texture of the lipstick is creamy. It does not dry lips, bleeding outside the contour. Durability like all creamy lipsticks will survive a flavorful meal. Gradually descending.Does not dry lips, bleeding outside the contour. Does not feel on the lips.

Swatch on the lips. Natural day lighting.

Shade in the full image:

Full image with a touch

The third shade is a rich berry red. Bloggers before the release of the collection described this shade as a matte. But I don’t see it as a dull matte finish. On the lips feels comfortable, not dry. For loop not running. Lipstick is rather strong, neat meal will survive without problems. Gradually descending.

Swatch on the lips. Natural daylight

This shade I like. Bright and expressive, he immediately attracts attention.

And a photo of the shade in a full way. Photo does not convey the beauty of the shade.

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The fourth shade is something between brown and red. Interesting shade with a nice texture reminiscent of a cream lipstick. Like the previous lipstick does not dry lips are not numb and does not spread. Durability as the previous shade.

Swatch on the lips. Natural day lighting.

Another great option for everyday makeup with emphasis on the lips.

Photo full image:

The last and fifth shade. The texture and performance reminds me very much of the third berry red shade. Does not dry lips, does not spread and is not felt.

Swatch on the lips.

I really like this shade. He is bold, daring and unusual for me, very associated with modern Chanel. But it does not look defiantly. I think I’ll wear it often.

Photo in full:

All the lipstick from the palette I removed using a special tool for removing makeup from eyes and lips from Chanel. Removed easily, no streaks and other problems.

In conclusion I can say that the palette I am really enjoying. The lipstick is comfortable on the lips. Despite the fact that red lipsticks in similar shades ( which is not surprising since they are all red), I like the variety and opportunity to experiment with images.While I haven’t tried mixing the shades between, because until enough are available in the palette, but in the future I’ll be sure to get your own shade.

Rating: 5+

Price: 4 300 25% discount

Term of use: two weeks.

Thanks for read my post, I hope you found it interesting.

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