Parfume Divin de Caudalie, EDP

Aroma — the recognition of infinite love itself, a hymn to hedonism and sloth.

The perfume family: floral Oriental

Gender: female

Release year: 2014

Perfumer: Jacques Cavalier (Jacques Cavallier)

Concentration: EDP

Top notes: grapefruit, pink pepper, white peach

Heart notes: violet, Jasmine, essential oil of Moroccan rose, absolute Bulgarian rose

Final notes: vanilla, Virginia cedar, musk.

Price: about 3000 (50 ml)


In the fragrance Caudalie Parfum Divin together fresh citrus chords, elegant floral accents, sweet and spicy notes, delicate musk tones.

This delightfully delicate and exquisite, concentrated fragrance reveals sensual notes of vibrant pink pepper and sour grapefruit.

Then removed the cover from the rose, the iconic fragrance which spreads with fresh notes like the morning dew. And finally the woody notes of cedar and enveloping notes of vanilla mixed with soft notes of white musk. Treat yourself to the magnificence of womanhood…

Perfume completely duplicates the smell of the absolute hit of the brand’s divine oil-Huile Divine.

Creamy-powdery, sensual and incredibly feminine.

Blooming rose with some wood and sweet pink pepper, candied peach, musky frame.

Perhaps, it is not like a typical “Eastern” flavor, while it is not devoid of gloss and moderately malleable — so it can smell like an expensive Spa.

Morning and Emilie. France by Kate Toluzakova

For me, this fragrance is the detail that helps to complement a leisurely morning or evening ritual, entirely devoted to himself, where there is no place bustle and unrest. It helps to tune in to a leisurely, almost meditative wave.

Perfect for all fans of the divine oil Kodaly, which did not suit durability: in the duet oil and perfume will sound all day, if you only use perfume, the smell will delight about 4-5 hours.

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